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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I was dropping clothes off at the cleaners the other day and I learned something new. I ended up talking to this minister and he told me something that f***ed my day up. Apparently in states that have legalized same […]

Edicts From The Throne Ep. 2: Black Is Broad

On This episode I explain why black can’t be pigeonholed.

Ran into Fat Trel earlier. He a real down to earth…

Ran into Fat Trel earlier. He a real down to earth dude no hollywood in his bones, In these streets with no security. Yall support Gleesh

Pop Blockin

My wife told me about this bullsh*t the other day and I couldn’t help but laugh at it. Her female coworkers were talking about how before they go on dates with dudes they break out the toys and murder their cooch before they go out. They do it so they don’t have sex with the […]


  The complexities of life seem to become all the more clear the longer I live. I have grown alot over the past couple of years not only in my outlook but in my understanding the underlying force that we are all subject to. The trouble with being human is that we are blessed with […]

Real Life: Dope UK Drama Series

Filmed in the streets of London this is a gritty portrayal of the underworld. Subscribe to UK Overstood on youtube for future episdodes


  Smoke DZA Dream Zone Achieve Thank him 1st, thank the rap gods later That is all  

Podcast #54: Spoor

What’s a lion to do with no tracks to get home? Enjoy! If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here Check this out on Chirbit


  Whoever handles your demographics needs to be shot. I have a startling piece of information for the ┬ábig wigs in your organization; people in the hood have emails. That’s right, not only that they sign up for your special offers and try to redeem them at their local franchise only to be told that […]

Yakub my naga? Thank you rap gods. Well played kin…

Yakub my naga? Thank you rap gods. Well played king well played. Thank u for givin me that feelin again

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