Podcast 67: Blissfunctional

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Podcast #66: Contemno

“Nagas hate me but I hated too once, in the shoes of a wolf at night when he hunts” -Nas If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here http://chirb.it/G2fFh9 Check this out on Chirbit

Podcast #65: Oasis

The hood is an oasis. Enjoy! If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here http://chirb.it/hLr5mh Check this out on Chirbit

Rideshare Recon

I needed a new spending money hustle so I signed up to be an Uber driver. I wanted to see if it was as lucrative as the job posting made it out to be. The process to getting approved to be one was simple. You just had to upload a couple pictures of your drivers […]

Under the Weather

I planned to do a show this weekend but this cold virus had other plans. These germs kicking my ass like I owe them money right about now. So as a peace offering I present a documentary called Apologies of an Economic Hitman and the audio book Confessions of An Economic Hitman. They should get […]

Jaw Jackin 101

This came across my timeline the other day and I let out a healthy laugh? Wtf is a thought leader? The capacity at which humans can make useless titles up is a mind boggling thing. I guess it’s a fancy way of saying I am a cultured bullsh**er and you must address me as such. […]

Daddy Hack

Learning how to be a father has been a process that has made me a better person overall. However many brothas didn’t have their fathers around and have no clue on how to rear a child. As a result they don’t know how to express their love or what things their child will respond to […]

2015 Mantra: Somebody Will

Congrats, your stankin ass made it to another calendar you decrepit human being you. For some odd reason God decided to give you some more time to make things happen. Are you gonna be an ungrateful son of b***h and squander his blessing? Or are you going to actually take strides to manifest your destiny? […]

And it’s still Hail to the Redskins… http://t.co…

And it’s still Hail to the Redskins… http://t.co/y2fWsODkBg

Let’s go skins http://t.co/SiBLIXWByH

Let’s go skins http://t.co/SiBLIXWByH

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