Making my rounds in the penitentiary and I heard this nugget of realization that the game is rigged. Fellow inmates were in the throws of b****ing about the table scraps (check) they are being tossed and expected to not live but survive on. They complained that a bachelors degree is basically the new high school diploma because everyone has one and that in order to stand out from the competition they would have to get a master degree in order to stand out. Then they realized that everybody is starting to think like them and going to get one. Then they said pretty soon a masters degree is going to be like a bachelors degree in that everyone is going to have one.

They realized how retarded that logic was. They said you gonna have to go 100,000 in debt to get a 40,000 job just to stay afloat. The cost of living is going to continue to rise while the table scraps remain the same. The one thing that was missing from this pity party was what action they were going to take control of their situation. They blamed everything on everything else and never once mentioned their accountability in the matter. It’s like they forgot they were participating in the rat race voluntarily. Common sense should have made them realize you are going to die on the treadmill eventually if you keep letting someone else set the speed and the course. But the thought never crossed their minds.

It’s sad really; these are actually good folks they just don’t have the courage to step out on their own. What happens to greyhounds and thoroughbreds when they no longer are capable of being breadwinners? They get sold to your local carryout and end up in your combination lo mein and their babies hop on the treadmill eagerly because it’s been ingrained in them. If you set up shop you no longer run the race; you become one of it’s sponsors. The game is evil at its core but it’s the only game we know. You wanna be an owner or a free agent? As beautiful as the idea of reincarnation is, you wont find out until you on the other side and by then it’s too late. Play on and play wisely.

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