Apparently the world is supposed to end next Friday. Hey man if it does I had a blast. All things have a completion date whether we want to believe it or not; we are not immune to the life cycle of all things. People are running round here scared and I don’t understand why. Maybe it’s because they haven’t lived the life they always have seen themselves living. Maybe it’s because they always listened to what other people say they should have done with their life. I was always fortunate to have a father that told me to focus on what makes me happy. Personally I do hope the world as we know it ends. The world as I know it is full of bullshit. Selfish ass people, ulterior motives, wars, famines, recessions, diseases, money, nuclear weapons; do I need to go on? What the hell is so good about this life that people are scared to let it go? I guess they like working jobs that take them away from their families 8-12 hours a day and stop them from living a life they truly want to. They must love the racism, ignorance and xenophobia that dominates the world today. They love the drugs they use to escape their miserable ass existence. They love the religions that give the feel good factor but offer no true path to spiritual freedom and peace. They love the fact a very small percentage of people own the majority of the resources in the world and they have to rub nickels together to feed their families. They love the fact that they send their kids to colleges and universities so they can be the best employee for everyone else except themselves. They adore being in debt and not being able to get out of it because of practices by banks and credit card companies. They love being taxed and lied to by governments that never have their have their well being at heart. They love going to war over bullshit which is nothing more than a glorified pissing in the wind contest. Again I ask you what is so great about this world the way it is now? The Mayans didn’t believe the world was going to end; that day just marked the end of a sun cycle. Over time some demon decided to scare the hell out of everyone and make the most money out of it as possible. The bible says no man knows the time or the hour so how all of a sudden do these people know the time and the hour? I have also heard the calculation of the date is wrong and that this so called apocalypse date already happened last year sometime. New age circles believe it is going to be a great spiritual awakening after this date which could be true but the amount racist individuals that are indoctrinating their kids into the ignorance is sickening. Again I ask what is so great about the world and current state it is in? We can’t sustain our way of life for much longer; the earth can only take so much abuse but people keep using the Earth’s blood (oil). How do you expect the earth to survive with no blood? The earth is a living breathing entity like you are; it also has a heartbeat like you. What would happen if you didn’t have any blood in your body? You would die plain and simple. Maybe we are parasites that need to be removed in order for the Earth to sustain itself you ever thought about that? Can you really blame God if he wants to heal Earth of its affliction? I can’t especially knowing the cosmic order of things and the universal cycle of life, death and rebirth. Hey man when it’s all said and done I have a good run on this plane of existence. I have enjoyed all the bumps, and bruises and accolades. The high, lows, peaks and valleys. So if the world ends next week and you don’t feel like I’m feelin; sucks to be you. You should have lived the life you wanted instead of the life you were told to. No hard feelings anyway because at the end of the day we all are figments of God’s imagination. Stay regal.

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  • Miles

    Allow me to proselytize King,

    I believe things are the way they are because we still operate in a bastardized indentured servitude business model. Whereas before when servants would come from Britain or Germany they would work x years and then apply what they’ve learned for themselves. In today’s world, even the most highly trained professionals are adverse for doing for themselves, nevermind the common man.

    As for the end of the world, I only hope that it would be a painless transition for all, otherwise it would be like a terminal patient waiting for the reaper to come do his job. True, there are many, many bad things about where we are but there are good things too. It took me a LONG time to see that point and even now it can be difficult but the worth is what you make it right? Besides, who’s to say the next life is any better than the one we’re living currently?

    • kingj

      I feel what you saying man. I just don’t get why everybody always believes the world is gonna end. To me the world ends when you die regardless if it’s some predetermined date or not because the world as you know it dies with you. I for the life of me can’t understand why people are willing to defend a way of life that they themselves aren’t happy in. The reason I say I hope it ends so we can build a completely different system that allows everyone to live up to their full potential. Few people ever reach it because of a survival based reality. The next life probably isn’t any better than this one and that’s why we have to reach our full potential here.

      It’s funny you mention the servitude model because Robert Greene uses that in Mastery especially about apprenticeship being essential to individual mastery. I’m still gonna do the right up on it. I will tell you this though if you are a fan of his work you will enjoy it. The structure is pretty much in the same vein as his previous works.

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