$45.00 Warrant

People involved in the justice system often wonder why it gets a bad rap from the general populace. They have the nerve to say it is about justice when in most cases it clearly is not. More often than not it is about the bottom line like all businesses. This particular nugget not only takes the cake but it is clear demonstration of the irrationality of the judges with peoples’ lives in their hands. In PG county Maryland a particular judge has instituted a policy of making people pay $45.00 to the crime victims fund even in cases where nobody was hurt such as possession charges and driving on a suspended license.

This whole scheme was concocted primarily because the state’s attorney office was having difficulty in getting funds collected. If these people fail to pay within a month a warrant is issued for their arrest and they can spend days in lockup until their bond is posted. In cases where other fines are assessed they are normally given 90 days to make payments and if they don’t it is sent to the state collection unit. The logic behind this practice is retarded. I know for a fact it costs a couple hundred dollars a day to house someone at the county jail.

So in essence they are willing to spend hundreds if not thousands to recover a funky a** $45.00 from someone who is not a hardened criminal. Majority of these people have jobs and families to support. When you lock these people up it puts their jobs at risk which are their only means of supporting themselves. The economy is still in the s***ter and as a direct result of this I am almost certain people have lost their job behind this. If you make them lose their employment you only adding to the problem.

This practice is keeping people trapped in the system indefinitely. I could be wrong but I think their something bigger at play here. The more people they house the more state funding they receive in essence bringing more money to the county.The more people they have trapped in the system the more money they are able to make off of them through various avenues. Many people have to pay for parole and probation out of the own pockets as well as the various drug, behavior and addiction classes that are mandatory as part of their sentences.

This is a clear demonstration of one of the evils of the system. The judge institutes a practice as a favor for the prosecutors and that is a clear conflict of interest which is, not only illegal but unethical in the eyes of the so called law. There is no such thing as true justice. No matter the verdict money is made; the only thing that changes is what direction the money flows. Always remember justice is a business regardless of the gloss they put on it.

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  • I remember getting pulled over and finding out my license was suspended they went ahead and cuffed me and sat me in the police car while they searched my car. That night i spent a night in jail while they impounded my car i ad no way of getting back home so i had to pay a cab.

    Anyway to make a long story short they basically arrested me because i had a $50.00 parking ticket which went up to over $150 with the fees they add to it. They spent all this money in arresting me keeping me in jail as well as impounding my car and everything. Where i come from this shit is called a “Shake Down”
    Another time i was stopped because one of my headlights went out and a police van stopped so i pulled over. Expecting two cops to come out of the police van 10 of those cops came out and surrounded my car. I was like “Holy Crap!” what now! I had my windows open so that they can look in and i asked what the problem was and he told me that i had a headlight that was out. Inside i was telling myself “Dude a headlight! You need all of this back up for an out head light?”

    These people that work for the government are really out of touch with reality! Instead of catching some heavy criminals like they are supposed to they instead are looking for easy pickings!
    The freest country in the world is turning into a country where freedom no longer carries any weight unless you are a Government crony!

    Great Post! King UP!

    • kingj

      That’s crazy man but it further illustrates my point that it easier to fleece citizens than to catch criminals it is a difference.

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