5 Ways To Kick Addiction’s Ass

Many people would like to act as if addiction did not exist. They go about living their lives completely oblivious to how their addiction to certain things affects their overall well being. There are many forms of addiction such as drugs, alcohol, sex, work, exercise, social networking and flat out attention whoring. It often starts as a casual release from stressful situations in life then it snowballs into something completely different. When we experience pleasurable things in life the neurotransmitters in our brain stimulate the pleasure center encouraging us to repeat the same activity. Over time addictive behavior blocks the absorption of dopamine and we experience a certain euphoria known as a high. This however damages the brain over time if the neurotransmitters are constantly being overstimulated.

If we look around at the world today, deviancy is the norm and accepted. However if you are on the road to kingship, it is in your best interest to remain sober and to remove the crutch of addiction from your life. In the peaks and valleys of life the last thing you need is the illusion of false security and escapism. Life is not for the weak of heart. There will be many obstacles and gauntlets on the road and you will need all your senses and wits with you. The enemy is becoming more cunning by the day. You have to be able to out think and out maneuver them in the streets, in the workplace and in the privacy of your thoughts day to day.

It is a known fact that the brain cells we all possess are modeled after the universe; God would have it no other way. So why are we letting the universes within go to waste by lack of willpower and giving in to your primal urges? In order to become king you have to master yourself. Alot of times as men this is one area we slack on tremendously and need to focus on more because we are killing ourselves. Here are 5 of the ways that I have conquered addiction. What worked for me may not work for you but you never know until you try.

1. Identify Your Weak Times Of The Day
I found that the majority of the time I indulged in addictive behavior, it was at a time when I felt like I had needed to relax. Or if I had a particularly hard day at work i needed to blaze. Over time i rationalized to myself that i constantly needed to smoke in order to cope with day to day life because I was in denial of my accountability over my life. I felt that the world was always out to get me and a J made it ok, I could cope. I went many years with a daily weed habit and it got me nowhere. It was my crutch and it made everything ok.I began to slowly sink into a depression. I was able to break out of it by accepting responsibility for my life and the destruction I did to myself. Identifying my weak times of the day made me catch myself when I was feeling like chiefing. It made me realize there was a pattern to my madness and I had to break it.

2. Replace The Void
Alot of time people are not able to break there destructive habits because they haven’t successfully replaced them with positive ones. Initially when I first quit smoking it was easy but overtime it became hard to not smoke. Why? because i had not established a positive habit in its place. I began to long to smoke not because i wanted to; but because it was a habit I was use to doing on the regular. I felt naked like I didn’t know myself. When the cloud slowly lifted off of me I saw all the damage I had done to myself. The way I replaced the void was the polar opposite of what I had been doing, I started to work out. It was something I could do everyday that would release the same level of dopamine naturally and was beneficial to my overall well being. By replacing the void using exercise my addictive personality actually began to benefit me positively by changing my focus. That is what worked for me. You might find your bliss in something completely different but it is important that you fill that empty space in your life.

3. Create An Addiction Bucket
This is one of the most effective ways for you to visualize how much your addiction cost you on a monthly basis. Get a mop bucket or any sort of bucket for that matter and anytime you feel the urge to give into your addiction place the amount of money you would spend on that addiction into that bucket. For instance if I wanted to get a dub of weed I would put $20 into the bucket, $6 for cigarettes, add another $4 into the bucket for rollups plus another $10 for the amount of gas I would need to go look for it. Now that’s $40 in just one day; imagine over a 7 day period that’s $280! Fucking crazy rite? Over a month that’s $1120!! I guarantee you after a month of seeing how much money your are actually saving, it will motivate you to keep on the road to being crutch free.

4. Identify Your Motivations
In order to conquer this part of yourself you must understand why your are doing it. What are you gaining by constantly engaging in this activity. If it is not positive progress chances are its negative. If your motivation for the behavior is fitting in you need to ask yourself why do I have to change to be around these people? Are they worth me doing things to my body that do not benefit me in the long run? Is this what I want for my life? If you understand the underlying causes of your behavior you understand yourself a little more each day.

5. Change Your Environment
You can’t expect to change if your still an environment that encourages old behavior, that just the bottom line. You may have to let go of alot of people and places but, you will be better off because of it. Often times when we try to change, people who don’t understand that urge and begin to act negatively towards you as well as find ways to try to stop you from changing because they aren’t ready yet. If they see you changing then they no longer have an excuse to keep doing the same old thing. You changing scares alot of people simply because people are scared of change. Change is uncertain and scary because it’s hard and it’s a road very few people successfully walk down and conquer.

These are the ways I was able to change my addictive behavior and use it to my benefit. I hope it has been helpful. Til next time Kings Up!!!

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