I despise the hood sometimes. I came home the other day and I saw this rolled up in my door. There are no words to describe how f**ked up this is. I know somebody got shot round here last week but I had no idea it was a little girl. She was only a year old. She got killed a few buildings down from me. Fate is twisted at times. I was supposed to originally move in that building when we first moved round here; it could have been my family. The universe spared me but bestowed the pain on some other family. I don’t even know what this whole thing was over but that’s the hood unfortunately. Could have been over that hatin a** s**t I posted a couple weeks ago; could have been over some drug beef. It could have been over anything really. This didn’t even make the news; I guess they deemed Beyonce’s new hair do more news worthy. Who knows what this little girl could have grown up to be. All that potential wasted over God knows what. I am willing to bet you it was over some bulls**t.

9 times out of 10 people with short fuses and nothing to live for will kill you just because you do. The hood is home to some of the most resilient, beautiful people on the face of this rock. However it also home to some real monsters that are determined to make their stomping grounds a living hell for everyone else. No matter how many times you hear of death it never removes the sting of it. This is f***king with me alot. I could have been walking to my building with my daughter and walked into some s**t that wasn’t meant for me. This building is by the playground and I think this probably what happened. I can’t begin to know what her parents are going through. A year earlier they were experiencing the elation of a new life and making plans for her life and today they are coping with the fact someone robbed them of a life they created together as a family. Life goes on; just another day in the hood. May she rest in paradise; she was probably too good for this world.

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