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The word try doesn’t exist in any dialect on the continent of Africa. Africans believe that you either do something or you don’t do something there is no in between. From my life experience when someone says they will try to do something it is a polite way of them saying that it won’t get done. The word try gives a person too much leeway. In this world you either do something or fail at it. An amazing thing happens when you remove the word from your vocabulary; you become more focused on accomplishing things. Try in your vocabulary makes people comfortable with putting forth a half assed effort and accept mediocrity with open arms. In this world of failures and winners the word give the failures power because they can always say they tried to be successful. The successful people however kept failing til they became victors. They suffered the agony and pain of getting knocked down repeatedly until they succeeded at accomplishing their goals. Life is full of setbacks and pain and you can “try” to overcome them or you can make those circumstances your bitch. Always remember when someone tells you that they are going to try and do something it ain’t gonna get done. Try is an imaginary crutch of accomplishment and when you remove it you turn your weaknesses into strengths. King on.

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  • mcdivit85

    Real sh*t! I have been guilty of this as I feel everyone has. As I get older, I realize more and more that “trying” to do something is a half-assed way of doing it when its convenient or easy. Not to mention, when you take the word “try” out of the equation, you get a lot more things done. And the best part, you stop lying to yourself and others. When you decide to do something, just do it and let the work speak for itself.

    • kingj

      That’s the best way to be. Most people unconsciously use the word as a scapegoat when they realize the politics involved in the most mundane situations. Removing the word takes the crutch away from you and makes you face life head on. No excuses, no regrets.

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