Alkaline Foods

On my journey for a healthier lifestyle I come across information that is new to me all the time. This happens to be one of things that changed my outlook on alot of things. All foods fall into two categories acidic and alkaline. Alkaline foods are the most beneficial to your being as a whole whereas acidic foods are to your detriment and have been linked to cancer in various studies. In this video I stumbled across on youtube it breaks down the various foods in each category . Enjoy.

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  • Miles

    This outlook is very pro-vegan and I find that the logic in it makes sense. The main two issues I see here are that this might be considerably more expensive yet may not offer much more a benefit than common sense would dictate.

    • kingj

      That’s the thing tho. Its about finding that balance. If you go too far too fast you could get a pisrotein deficency. I put it to you in Sticman’s words eatin healthy is expensive but so is goin to the doctor for cancer treatment. Its about tryin to prevent instead of curing

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