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I was round the old way and bumped into a face from the past. It was this lil nagga that use to pump reggie and pills. I greeted him and he told me bout a situation that just happened to him. Apparently he aint small time no more; he moved on to the man’s game if you catch my drift. He went to the auction and got a BMW and had 12 stacks on him that he aint spend. On the ride home he sees christmas trees in his rearview and thought he was straight. He pulled over, feds did the usual press and stress. They found a bag on him but he thought he was straight.

He was out MD and they were only supposed to give him a citation because the law had just changed. You could have up to 10 grams and be good but they still locked him up. They took his bread but instead of sending to the county property division they sent it to the DEA. My reaction when I heard this was save your money from now on. When them people get in your business it’s a wrap; they undefeated for the most part. He was heated though and he wasn’t hearing me. He said he tried to get it back but the feds told him he would have to fill out paperwork with the DEA to get it back. I told him chalk it up and take the L.

If you fill that paperwork out you gonna have to prove how you got it. Then they gonna be all in your business and you gonna make it an easy case for them. He still wasn’t hearing me . He thought that when he beats the case he gonna go get his bread back and that would be the end of it. I told him your problems are just starting. I am pretty sure they are watching you now save your money. He still aint hear me though. I am almost certain when they sent that bread to the DEA they sent all his info with it. He gone need whatever money he has to fight for his freedom in the near future. I just hope he realizes that before they kick his door in.

In actuality all they need is one snitch that can’t live with the time they throwin at him to point him out and it’s a wrap. Thing like this make conflicts arise in my mind. On the one hand I don’t want him to get caught but on the other I know it’s part of the game. He is part of the problem but it existed long before someone showed him how to bleed the block. It’s not a question of him getting caught it’s just when. Deep down any hustler worth their weight in salt can feel it coming but he is still in denial. Before he knows it he is gonna be on the FCI tour bouncing from prison to prison. The streets are still the streets. In the words of Ice Cube: The police aint gettin no dumber

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