Anger=Unfulfilled Passion


In this life many things are often symptoms of things unseen. Anger is one such symptom. There are many very passionate people that haven’t found their passion in this life. Passion is a ferocious, consuming thing. When a person finds their true calling in this life they attack it with so much fervor and intensity that they lose themselves in their work. Most passionate people need an outlet for this explosive part of their being. Most of history’s geniuses and prodigies have had this quality that allowed them to rise to the upper echelon in their respect fields. Imagine if Van Gogh never picked an easel; he probably would have committed suicide when he was 15. What if Mike Tyson never put on a set of gloves? He probably would be doin life somewhere. Kings by nature have this in them by default. This along with other qualities affords them the ability to soar as far as their wings will take them. When passion is unfulfilled it turns into a myriad of mental illnesses. Most young men nowadays are extremely angry and have no idea why. They possess this deep seated hatred for life around them and want to destroy everything that comes across their paths. Many men have anger issues because they never figured out who they are. Add low self esteem to the equation and you have created a powder keg with a non existent fuse. This is why a man must find his place in this life. Passion is quality possessed by the lion hearted. What’s a lion without a domain? A zoo attraction. This is why so many men end up in the prison system(zoo attraction). So many brilliant men with untapped potential end up in state issued clothes because their passion wasn’t focused on something greater than them. It was left unfulfilled and when it finally reached the surface it was too late; someone lost their life. In the black community so many brothas never reach their full potential and their passion is never expressed creatively outside of music and sports. We are much more than entertainers and athletes but many are directed to it because they are unaware of their ability to master all things in this life. A man without passion is a man without a pulse; learn how to find your passion before it turns into anger and destroys everything around you.

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