Animals & Zookeepers

When an animal has been in a zoo long enough it feels like it can be a zookeeper. They are comfortable living in a controlled environment with deplorable conditions because it is a semblance of their natural environments. They feel they have all the knowledge on how to be miserable so they say it’s their time to tell how others to be happy in confinement. When a free bird is taken into captivity the caged birds wonder why it so upset. They rationalize with the bird and say it’s not so bad they feed us and the top of the cage is really high so it’s almost like we are free. Truth is the birds have been in the cage for so long they forgot what freedom feels like. They develop self doubt and forget how to hunt for food. They forget the feeling of relying on themselves and their abilities for their growth and survival. They forget the amount of strength and determination that a free bird has.

They attack the free bird because they see the free bird has everything they lost along time ago. The free bird shows them they are a shell of their former selves. No one likes to be reminded of the greatness they could have been. The current climate of most workplaces often resembles this zoo. Many supervisors and managers operate like the caged birds. Any time an employee displays natural talents that intimidate the cage birds they put them through hell and try to get rid of them. The free birds get transferred, written up and always called into the office over what snitching coworkers tell the bosses. You may be in a cage right now but the difference you know it’s cage; to them it’s not a cage it’s home. Work on your escape plan daily. If not you risk becoming a caged bird. There is no redeeming quality in being confined to a zoo.

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