Anytown U.S.A.

In Anytown U.S.A. a lost lil black boy is tryin to find his way

Navigating despair and misery amongst buildings in a state of decay

No ones showin him the ropes nor do they care to nourish his hopes

Except for the hustler that sends him to the store for smokes

In Anytown U.S.A. a beautiful black baby was aborted today

And the former mother will never hear the sound of the vacuum fade away

She was so excited about a baby but he wasn’t

So he drove her down to the genocide clinic sponsored by the government

And told her we will get somethin to eat after the doctor’s done with it

Sadly thru it all she still in love with the son a bitch

In Anytown U.S.A. a gangsta is bout to rep for his hood today

So you know what the means, some mama is about to cry her life away

She knew it was comin she tried to tell him stay in the house

He was bout to leave the game he told himself that this was the last ounce

Cold thing is they both were right, the bullets burned and his life got swiped

In Anytown U.S.A. at any given moment someone is experiencing this plight

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