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Podcast 82: Myth Vs The Shyts


Cadillacs & Bounceback

Tweet Where did all the Caddy’s go? I remember not too long ago I couldn’t go a block or two without seeing vogues and chrome wheels. Nowadays I’d be lucky if I see 1 or two week; thats how I know we are still in a depression. Some use other indicators to gauge the state […]

Decorum, Decadence & Decay

Tweet History often runs on a ticker tape of the highest order. The same themes and activities often repeat itself in different civilizations across the timeline of existence. Greed, debauchery and bloodlust have all been indicators that a society was on its way out. No matter what empire it was they all reached the same […]

Stress Test

Tweet The road to redemption is full of barbwire, shrapnel, c4 particles, dried gasoline and match heads. It doesn’t help you cause friction with your steel toe boots and don’t plan on stopping no time. Everything you have to endure on this path your significant other must brunt as well. Exhaustion, short words and shitty […]

Poison Posse

Tweet Gather round folks come on down; meet the rootinest tootinest poison posse in town. Here we are; weeks from deciding who is going to be the next “leader” of the free world yet I somehow can’t pick the poison I’m most comfortable with. On one hand you have a candidate that has no prior […]

Beauty of Bullsh*t

Tweet A wise man once told me there is beauty in bullshit. The older I get the more valid his assessment is becoming by the day. In this break from eternal slumber we call life, setbacks and heartaches come with the owners manual. No one wants to go through unnecessary painful events and deal with […]

Hurts Me Soul

Tweet Surprise surprise, the smear campaign has worked wonders against Nate Parker and his effort to show black people overcoming the odds without a white hero. At this point in the game I don’t ever wanna hear any tired narrative about blacks not being shown in a positive light again. Here you have a movie […]

Elevator Speech

Tweet On this road to the throne opportunities don’t come too often in the beginning when your name isn’t ringing bells. You believe in yourself but the rest of the world doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your ambition and vision. As a result, a lot of times you aren’t prepared for chance encounters. If […]

Angry Alien

Tweet The doors of worlds I am trying to traverse are finally starting to get weak. The bones in my feet no longer hurt from kicking them profusely from years on end; they have became stronger and adapt to the pain. As I slowly leave the world I know all too well I can’t help […]


Tweet On this road to self actualization it is far too easy to become distracted by the noise of life. You are older now. If you have been following me and my lunacy four years of your life have passed. You  probably have new responsibilities and have grown into your role as master of your […]

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