Background Noise


Sammy a hustlin a**  naga mane lol.  Navigating the mundane parts of life I noticed something interesting that I never paid attention to. I was out of hair grease and went to the grocery store in need of that and some other things. I went to the aisle it was located in and notice in the midst of all the hair grease there was skin whitener. Background noise that was heard loud and clear by me and made me shake my head. I understand the powers of the subconscious mind and the ability it has to register and internalize every thing it sees for better or worse. How many people of color have subconsciously seen this image of inferiority? It is subtle muscle flex and mind f**k at the same time. The muscle flex is to remind you or your skin color and that you will always be less than in this white man’s world. The mind f**k is that in order to be accepted and liked you have to be lighter.

Don’t give me that but King Jae white people use it to rhetoric. If they do why is it always in the black hair care section no matter what grocery or beauty supply store you go in to?  You gotta play the law of averages in this scenario. Over the course of your lifetime how many times you gonna get hair care products? Every time that you do you see this and it slowly alters your perception of yourself. Women go to the beauty supply way more than men ever do. If they are constantly seeing this message of less than it will almost ensure that this sickness persists. Why? Because they raise the babies. The saying goes that if you want to teach a nation you have to teach the women.

If black women are constantly bombarded with negativity guess what they are going to project on the men they deal with? The same stigmas they see over and over again. The black mind is under constant attack to well designed background noise. This is all the thanks we get, after all the things we have blessed humanity with? Yet we are the constant boogeyman that white America is in fear of.  This is just one example of subtle background noise you will see on a daily basis. It isn’t as blatant as a Newport or Hennessy billboard but it is just as damaging to the black psyche. There is a war for your mind going on. I hope you recognize it before you lose yourself. Stay Regal.


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