A Bazooka My Naga??


Damn My Naga that’s how you feel?



I guess so. I appreciate your impressive artillery but you just makingurself hot. As the adage goes real nagas move in silence. This picture isn’t silent at all. I know you feeling like that naga that’s why u posted it but you just drawing unwanted attention. Where your O.G.s at? You can’t have any if you postin this s**t. Only people you impressing are other young ass nagas that don’t know no better. At what point in your thought process did this seem like a good idea? I know you gotta be ready for whatever my naga but c’on homie. If the feds haven’t kicked in your door yet be weary of the next one of your homies to catch serious charges. Even if this sh** aint real you don’t need to be on the ATF’s radar. Never underestimate the element of surprise. You showing nagas your trump card and setting yourself up to get robbed.  On the Real……..


This is what happens when attention whoring goes unchecked. This is why you need to be a father to your children or at least school the lil nagas round your way. Homie in the pic is clearly ready for the revolution but he clearly is lacking someone that cares about him. If someone cared about him he wouldn’t be living that lifestyle. But who’s to say he doesn’t? I know when I was that age you couldn’t tell me s**t. I pray that he lives long enough to be able to look back and realize how much of a dumbass he was. If he doesn’t smarten up soon he probably won’t live to have that luxury. Rebels without a cause full of heart but no guidance. The streets already ate him and it look like he aint even out of high school if he didn’t drop out. Why is it so ingrained in us to be tough? I never understood why so many people see the streets as their only option even when I was out there. A lot of associates say they had to but they were living at home with their peoples that would get them anything if they asked for it. Aint no real reason for it. I know when you walk out the door it’s a whole nother story outside. Remain focused young warrior don’t let them streets eat you and defeat you. Put that heart into legitimate endeavors and the world can’t stop you. Transcend warrior Transcend.


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