Bottom B***h Maneuver- Origin; Africanus Americana
1. Action displayed by your main squeeze to remind you why she is “that” b****h.
Example: Flirting with some lame to enrich your kingdom by getting things for free, discounts or getting more than what you paid for.

From time to time your firefly reminds you why you voluntarily put your jersey up into the rafters. In this life it is rare to find a woman to display such activities with you in mind. Most men can’t handle seeing their woman be like that with other men even if it is for the kingdom. My wife and I have this thing we laugh about on the regular. Anytime we go somewhere together I normally let her go in first and see what extras she can get and I come in a couple minutes later and act like I don’t know her until she is done working her magic. It amazes me how many dudes will take tha bait because of the possibility of getting some a**.

I don’t recommend this for women you don’t trust because it’s an easy excuse for them to be flagrant in your presence. This is for your ride or die only. Only she can execute this properly. My wife got mad at me the other day because I cold forgot about it. We went down to the wharf to get some crabs to celebrate her birthday and she hopped out because parking is always terrible around there especially since you can’t drive down the pier now. When I caught up to her she was running her game and I cold f**ked it up because I was even thinking.

We was getting a half a bushel of crabs and she was tryin to get a whole. Cuz was about to let her get it but my aloof a** grounded the play. When he seen me his whole demeanor changed and he didn’t let her get it. She was mad as hell but laughed afterwards and it made me remember why I fell in love with her gangsta a**. When you find a woman that displays BBM hold on to her for dear life. They are once in a lifetime because The Bronx Tale was a movie after all. Every kingdom has two thrones; make sure she is worthy of the seat.

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