Like A Benz

“A black man that takes care of his responsibilities is like a Benz to these broads…”

King’s Proverb

I was rappin with a friend that’s still knockin women down round town and he blessed me with this gem. It says so much while sayin so little at the same time. Any man that takes care of not just his kids but all his responsibilities is and always will be a prized possession to females in general. Regardless of how the man may look this is what will mesmerize women of worth. There is an overabundance of boys masquerading as men and women always find this out after that fact of dealing with a boy like that for years. No woman wants to take care of a grown ass man unless they have some control issues. Women are nurturers by nature but only display it after they have grown an attachment to you. Even then they still want a man to be a man and handle ish. The most successful relationships I have been in are ones where I have controlled them. Not on some chest thumping sniff my sweaty balls ish but ones where she could trust me to take care of things.

Little ish like makin sure the car was washed and the fluids were topped up. I see we bout to run out of something so before it happens I run to the store and stock up and don’t even tell her I’m bout to do it. Try it some time; then when she says we out of something I say no we not and she goes and looks. The look of adoration will sweep across her eyes when you tell you know we was running low so you went ahead and handled it. By doing so it shows her you on your ish and that is what a man does. He doesn’t wait to go without before he acts; he is proactive. Boys will wait and complain when you ask them to go the store. The same amount of time women spend arguing with a boy when they come across a man their jaws will be equally as tired. The reason being is that she will keep that man’s d**k in her mouth constantly to keep him happy. Boys expose themselves to women over time; a real man never does. He exposes a woman of worth to a presence she has no choice but to submit her mind and body to. King On.

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  • AH

    Wassup, King. Great stuff on this website. I just listened to the Benz Whore, Bentley Prude podcast and this seems like part 2. You’re right though..when a lady sees a man on his biz, she leaves the boys on the playground.

    • kingj

      Thanks king I appreciate the love man. Boys can only keep a woman’s attention for so long. A man through trial and error learns little nuances that will not only keep her mind but keep her around.

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