Black Girl Lost


Definition: A young woman that has succumbed to peer pressure and adopted and accepted the ways of her dumb ass friends and their lifestyle choices.


I had to make the dreaded trip to the phone store because my phone kicked the bucket and I stumbled across this species in their native environment, the hood. When I walked in the store the aroma of soiled diapers permeated the air. The pack was engaged in babble about phone specs but didn’t care that their daughters were runnin round the store shitty and didn’t have the decency to go the bathroom to change them. It always amazes me that people are so worried phone specs when all they do is use their smartphone to do dumb shit on them. Its sad tho cuz the aroma of ignorance was a fragrance they were comfortable sporting.

It was quite obvious that there was no man around to raise them and merely products of their mother’s hoish exploits 20 years prior. Loud talking about who the letting put their penis in em, how drunk they got and the latest EBT scam that’s all the rage in the hood. One of em had their asscrack out, one had the standard hood braids around my way called fish tails and one that look like she didn’t belong with these abominations. You could tell that she didn’t like rollin with these clowns but for whateva reason she chose to. Maybe she knew them since the sandbox who knows.

Sometimes the environment you are in makes you succumb to behaviors and people that are detrimental. The buckets were trying to induct her into their secret society and she was all for it. She looks like she could have had a chance had she had her father in her life or if her mom wasn’t still runnin the streets with reckless abandon. Maybe even if she was raised a few blocks over; every one knows each hood has a part the feds don’t patrol and its clear that’s where she was raised at. It always amazes how young the hood eats souls; the sad part it she prolly knows what road she’s strollin down but has no way of turning round. She has accepted her fate. A life full of failed dysfunctional relationships, e pills and scams. She is going to raise children that will repeat the cycle because she had no example of how to rear a child properly. Sad to say just another black girl lost in the wilderness; God help them all. Stay regal.

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