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“I explained it’s bigger game than just street n***a fame, those same thoughts I fought like Sugar Shane”


I was round the homies the other day and they was watchin one of those black kingpin dvds. I don’t know what it is but for some reason those visuals intoxicate nagas somethin serious. They was amped learning the fact that Frank Matthews never got caught. He knew the feds were coming, got ghost and became a legend. Observing this I wondered what was so appealing about it. Was it the fact he got away, the money or the lifestyle? I couldn’t put my finger on it but it bothered me for a couple of reasons. The first one being is them not believing they could check that kind of paper legally. I don’t know why nagas only see the streets as the only way to the mountain top. With all this legal money floating through these streets that doesn’t involve risking your life or freedom why only pursue it the hard way? The only real kingpins that exist today live in the countries that produce the product. They damn sure aint letting some nagas with no proven track record or connections get anywhere near the top of their organization; that’s just common sense.

I was hearing all type of I’m bout to go reup now, I got get it talk.While this is goin on in my head I’m thinkin how you gonna be the man when you still only movin bounces and aint got no business ethic or organizational skills. You smoke half of what you bout to sell and end up goin in debt to your supplier and you never get out the hole always owing the naga. Maybe it’s just me. Every time I try to show these nagas the light they try to tune me out and change the subject. I told them the dude that owns Chipotle is living like that off of moving rice and beans and he aint have to kill nobody for it and he probably richer today than Frank Matthews ever was. It would be a hell of alot easier to come up with the next Chipotle than it would to be a kingpin. This aint the 80’s anymore; the day of the overnight drug lord has been long gone. They got in their feelings caught I s**tted on their triple beam dreams and started gettin hostile.

It made me realize how much I have grown over the past couple of years. Awhile back I most definitely would be right there mentally with those same delusions. At this point in my life I can no longer justify or advocate that small window of logic. I just wish they could see it too. Knowing how many people I have lost to the streets and to the prison system it sickens me that it’s still glorified. There is nothing glamorous about having to strip naked in front of a corrections officer or smelling another naga’s piss first thing in the morning. There is nothing glamorous about your mother crying over your pictures on the 10th anniversary of your death. I have seen it too many times. The money game is so much bigger than buying bulls**t just to flaunt it.

Somebody somewhere just checked a million off of a couple of stocks and you don’t even know who they are. Nagas claim they getting money but can’t even tell you what Moody’s or Standard and Poor do. At a certain point in life you have to forcefully expose yourself things to ensure not only growth but understanding and survival. I wasn’t comfortable doing that at first but over time it got easier. Just because you weren’t taught something in your upbringing that doesn’t mean you have to go the rest of your life being in the dark. Ignorance is bliss I suppose but it is also a choice when your a grown man with reasoning faculties firmly developed. The game grows bigger by the day why aren’t you growing along with it? Stay Regal.


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  • Miles

    Realest post ever made, king. You start analyzing the game and it does one of two things: scares you into a forced sense of bliss and justification or inquisition and action. There is so much more we can achieve if we shut off the propaganda, learn how to complete objectives and formulate a method to the top. Our brains are the greatest weapon and muscle we have; stretch it and it will grow. Why would the bodybuilder look at sitting at home on the couch eating Doritos as the optimum way to grow? Why would the savvy cat view posting on the block the best way to get money? Get yourself a product/service, CORP up, take the profit margins and go to a bigger game! There comes a point where you should be tired of the damn foolishness!

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