Bitcoin Bandits


Disclaimer: I could be a 1000% wrong on this theory; time will tell if I’m right.

Recently Bitcoin has been getting alot of bad press from mainstream media. It seems like every week you hear some horror story of people parting ways with their bitcoins largely due to some hackers compromising databases. It is portrayed as some unstable currency that is not to be trusted and extremely volatile. Well, I have a far fetched idea that would explain these shenanigans quite clearly. The banks and credit card companies are behind this pillaging of bitcoins from the public. Banks, credit card companies and other third party services are merely middlemen when you look at it in the grand scheme. Their main function is to process transactions and make sure everybody gets paid. As a result they receive their cut and get husky daily. Bitcoin is making their services obsolete and that is a direct threat to their pockets as well as the debt based economy system.

Bitcoin removes banks and credit cards from the processing of transactions completely meaning they are losing revenue daily. Anyone can process the transactions and that means no monthly maintenance or service fees. It puts power over the economy directly into the people’s hands and they damn sure don’t want that. The most important reason for this fukkery is that there is no interest rate in the bitcoin system. Interest is how you keep people enslaved and in debt. A person with a debt is a person that can be controlled and is subject to a life of servitude. Your remove interest from the equation people are able to pay off their debts faster. The faster they pay the sooner the will not be subject to the system. The more people leaving the system will inevitably lead to a collapse that would cripple their power. You cripple their power base they can easily be captured and hung in the public square.

This is why I strongly believe the financial system has hired hacking mercenaries. It kills two birds with one stone rather easily. On one hand you scare the public into staying away from it while slowly stealing bitcoins. When you have stole enough  and found a way to inject interest into the system you harp it up as the future of banking. It’s really not that hard to believe. The U.S. government has hackers on the payroll to steal secrets from foreign countries and to help them with cyber security on its databases. What makes you think banks don’t have mercenaries? If the mercenaries get caught all they have to do is kill them. As cold as it sounds countries have gone to war for much less. Mt. Gox just folded the other day and the propaganda machines is in overdrive. As bad as their losses were it only represented 6% of all bitcoins in existence.

Bitcoins get made after every processed transaction; that 6% will be back in circulation by the end of the year if not sooner. The banking industries probably loses about 10-20% of money yearly through robberies and fraud alone if not more than that. That isn’t reported at all so you will never know the real numbers.  This is the equivalent of the auto industry buying the patent to electric cars way back in the early 20th century. Crush the competition before they gain steam. Bitcoin is starting to gain steam but  vast numbers of people don’t know how it works. All they hear is the propoganda and aren’t willing to gamble because it sounds unstable. Make sense now? Gladiator out.


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