Black Life On A Sunny Day


Black life is beautiful under the sun

The light brings out everyone in the heart of the slums

Classic cars floating parading the streets

The struggle is bitter but today it is sweet

Weed smoke and barbecue dominate the air

Women half naked you have no choice but to stare

Homies at the car wash bathing their rides

Bout to ride out and search for the time of their lives

Stereo systems blasting battling each other

Hustle man got the thick ass air fresheners tryin to slang em to the brothas

Kids on bikes old folks on their porches sippin old school spirits

Main man beat his gun charge but he still on papers so the victory is pyrrhic

Pipers stroll the block selling trash bags and deodorant

The sun even shines on s**t if you notice it

Many folks died last night there number got runned

It’s only right that I celebrate black life under the sun

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