Bombs Then Democracy

News broke this week that America is selling the Iraqi government billions of dollars in military equipment including tanks, fighter jets and unarmed drones. What I find a peculiar insult is that this is the same equipment used to kill and maim millions of its own people at the cost of liberation from Sadaam. Iraq is already a shell shocked war torn nation with millions of families destroyed as well as the history of their nation torched by flames of bombs and clouds of gun smoke. America The Ugly always has a way of making enemies out of people that don’t agree with their policy. If you don’t agree with us we will destroy your infrastructure, murder your people, take your resources and give you coca- cola. Not only that we will make billions of dollars rebuilding your infrastructure, charge your government for it and bury your country in debt by making you pick up the tab. When you can’t pay the tab you go the world bank and the IMF and you no longer have control of your country. This is game on a grand scale. Pick an enemy which really isn’t an enemy at all.

Many of the previous wars have been waged against people that at one time or another were allies of the country and received either funding or training from us. Garner public support for your dubious needs and deeds. Begin subliminally programming the public into viewing the country or regions people as the enemy through media. This includes patriotic movies as well as fabricated kidnappings; throw in some hungry crying kids visuals and bam! Instant war. Billions of dollars spent in hopes of the projected trillions in debt and contract engineering. War profiteering is an understatement. Democracy engineering is more like it.

I still don’t understand what’s so great about democracy besides free speech. Other than that everything is a farce. They frown on socialism yet very few people in this country are doing well. Top 2% anyone? The people that make the laws are often bullied by lobbyist with long dough. The tobacco industry got close 2 billion dollars in federal subsidies in 2011. Which further goes to prove my point. I never voted to give tobacco companies any federal money yet that what was done without my and the general populaces consent. Tobacco kills people yet the government set aside money to kill its own people. Meet America the sociopath. My tax dollars are going towards finding ways to either kill me or make me sick. Fuck healthy living, get that bucket of chicken with extra grease. After all they want you to believe they have a pill for every disease that ails you. Guess what other lobbyists have cocaine biceps? You guess it your pharmaceutical companies.

So again I ask what democracy do I live in? The illusion of free speech is dwindling with every swipe they take at civil liberties. We are constantly under surveillance. Facebook and Google give personal information to the CIA to keep tabs on. I saw on the local news the other day they are going use to drones to monitor traffic round the DMV and people are ok with it because they don’t like traffic. Why are drones needed to monitor local traffic patterns? The same reason that they are speed cameras on damn near every corner; to keep tabs on you. Again I ask what democracy? Millions of people are unemployed and those rates are in the double-digit percentage in my community. No job means more crime; more crime means more civil unrest. More heavy- handed police interaction is a direct result. We have the most people in jail in the world and the large majority of them are minorities. Now throw white supremacy into this cesspool.

Now ask your is our country really that great and upstanding that we are able to go to another country and tell them they aren’t living right? I don’t think so. Every country has customs and cultures that to outsiders may seem crude and outdated but that that makes us different. Democracy is code word for making the world homogenous. If everybody was like America the world would be boring. If everybody is the same they are easier to be controlled and that’s what the powers that be want. No morals or self-discipline produces people that have no control over their life. By them being irresponsible they are always going to look for help from or place blame on other people. The 2% want to remain the 2%. They will do anything to keep it the way it is. In closing to the powers that be if you are reading please stop using the guise of democracy it’s getting old. No one likes to be lied to and people aren’t as dumb you think we are. We might start a new democracy in our own backyard and give yall the Iraq treatment. Let’s see if you believe in democracy then.

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