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Another day, another pile of subtle profiling. On this particular day me and my wife head to a book store to pick up some brain food. We break up like we always do because our reading interests are very different. So I go on my journey to look for Robert Greene’s new book Mastery and I eventually come across it and make my way back to my wife. She is in the African American fiction section and she is still lookin for a book that interests her. She finally comes across one and we then proceed to check out to pay for our books. We pay for our books and walk out the door. As soon as we do the sensor goes off on us. We walk back towards an employee and we give them our bag so they can see which book still had the sensor in it. They open up my book there is no sensor in it; they then open her book up and it is in the bottom corner of the back flap next to the page. I found that extremely odd being as that the book I got just came out last month and the book she had got been out for a couple of years. It kept bothering me as I left the store and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then it hit me; the sensor was in the African American book. That was no coincidence; it was profiling. It was a subtle way to stop a certain demographic before they left the store in order to check their bags without being overtly racist. They figured that the demographic that reads the book my wife got to be more inclined to steal than the demographic of the book I got. Post racial America at its finest. The stereotypes have made their way into the book buying process. It bothers me that the profiling we receive as a people is at such a concentrated level. We can’t even buy a book without seeing racism in action. The frequency that I notice this profiling is becoming laughable. I can almost predict it now. This one still caught me off guard tho. Keep your eyes open.

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  • Miles

    King Jae, Once you delve into the book, mind throwing up a quick review for those who might buy the book too? As for the product profiling, I find it funny. I had a guy years back whose hustle was running up in music stores and then re-selling them to music stores. He was pretty adept at it (although he did get booked a few times) and his logic was simple: he wouldn’t go for the rap CDs because they were usually the most likely sensored; instead he would go for the double and triple CD 70s band compilations because not only were they usually unsensored, they paid 2 and 3 times as much.

    • kingj

      Yea sure man I’ll do quick write up on Mastery next week. I’m right in the middle of it as we speak. I never really noticed the product profiling before. It’s stupid as hell because you never kno who is in to what. Ignorance is the spice of life.

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