Bootleg Soliloquy


Where have all the bootleg DVD dudes gone? There use to be an abundance of them around the way now it’s a bootleg wasteland. A day wouldn’t go by without some random dude with a backpack asking me if I wanted some movies or cds. They use to have all types of deals; buy 3 and he’ll toss in two extra. They use to post up in mall parking lots, in front of CVS, even out front of the Chinese buffet.
Some of them was even bold enough to walk through the train and ask you if you was good. Even barbers would inform you of what their latest releases were.

I guess their was some sort of crackdown I was unaware of cuz the bootleg man is few and far in between nowadays around my way. I know they still exist but their army mustve fell victim to sequestration or some s**t. Maybe Netflix and Hulu quietly cornered the market and add to the fact you stream bootlegs online now; who knows. Funny as it seems these dudes use to be a staple in my routine when I was younger. Funny how they can crack down on this part of the game but let other parts of it still run rampant.

The bootleg dudes provided a service essential in lower income neighborhoods. Some people couldn’t afford to go the movies because poverty was kicking their a**. It is a morally wrong practice yet many people turned a blind eye to it. The studios began flexin their money muscles and now local police agencies have made a priority. The thing that kills me is that studios have stole peoples ideas haven’t gave them their just due financially. Not to mention the fact that they have run out of ideas and keep rehashing the same old s**t. How many different ways can you do Batman or Spiderman?

I’m surprised they haven’t done Howard The Duck or The Toxic Avengers over again. The beauty of a bootleg is that if it is a good movie or cd a huge chunk of people with disposable income will actually go support it the right way. They always seem to leave that statistic out when they talk about piracy and how its devastating billion dollar movie studios. The only industry that bootlegging has outright crippled is the black adult entertainment industry. There use to be a bevy of releases with curvaceous sultry women with no shame in displaying their sexual escapades for the entire world to see. That part of the adult industry is on its deathbed and there are only a handful of releases produced each year.

The billion dollar movie studios however are not experiencing the same fate; they still continue to turn a profit in spite of rampant online piracy. Physical records sale have declined but you can attribute that to the rise of digital media platforms. Artists still sell out shows with low record sales because of their online presence. The record companies are b****ing because they can’t rape artists as much as they use to and they don’t retain the lions share of the profits from business savvy performers. Even in that scenario there are millions of people waiting in line to get into the music industry that keep signing those one sided contracts.

The bootleg man is the symptom of a bigger problem that people continually downplay because of America’s so called rugged individualism; poverty. The bootleg man doesn’t flourish in well to do areas because everyday survival isn’t a concern of someone that is living the “ American Dream”. He only thrives in areas where the American Nightmare reoccurs on a daily basis like it’s Groundhogs Day. By effectively targeting the bootleg man you are taking the only means for him to support his family; not only that it keeps black money from circulating in the hood. Don’t give me that why don’t he just go get a regular job rhetoric. Often times in life you never know how a person arrived at certain point at where they have to hustle. I

f you see a man selling bootlegs it normally means he isn’t trying to sell drugs to somebody’s auntie. No murders or kidnappings occur over bootleg movies, if they do show me the statistics. It just takes money out of people’s pockets; the drug trade however eradicates whole communities. No funeral has been shot up over bootleg movie wars.

No children have become prostitutes because of their parents bootleg movie addiction. But this sea horse in the ocean of the underworld is persecuted aggressively. Sign of the times I suppose. They are trying to shut down the hustles the underclass use to alleviate poverty even if only temporarily. They want to keep their foot on the neck of the downtrodden. What’s next? They gonna go after the sock and water hustlers too?

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  • Miles

    The bootleg man is still around, albeit in a quieter form. Rather than standing out on the block where he can be pinched, the bootleg men of today have a ‘call me and i’ll come through with a package deal’ way of doing things. The one I know people use won’t come out of the house unless you’re spending $10 or better and you can get box office and booty movies (if you fancy). Long story short, he’s still around, just harder to find.

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