Broken Amygdala


The amygdala is located in the limbic system in your brain and is responsible for processing major emotions such as anger, sadness and especially fear. It also makes you remember places where traumatic situations happened in order to better prepare you from a similar attack. In the game of breath emotions can get the best of even the most seasoned crown wearers. In this Machiavellian climate there exist people that play on these emotions from the beggar on the street to the 5 year old askin for candy. Some argue that emotions are what separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom and to a degree they are right. It is supposedly a sign of intelligent life but to me it is a sign of weakness.

How many times in this life have you stopped pursuing a goal because you listen to that voice of doubt? How many times have you give some random homeless person a dollar because you felt pity for them? Too many to count right? The thing is in order to be a king you have to break this region of your brain in order to rule accordingly. A king functions using the so-called powers of discernment spoke about in the bible. To most people this outlook will seem cold hearted but is a fact of life. When the crown is shining and blinding the world people will come to you with all type of sad stories about rent, kids needing clothes and the “community”.

Funny how the community was of no concern to them when you were in the midst of tilling the land for your harvest. Now that the fruits are ripening the welfare of everyone else is suppose to be your primary concern. Fear is something that a king has to function without. A kingdom cant get built if your worried about passing through an alley that almost took your life. Strength comes from accepting the possible and turning it into fuel to do the impossible. We place these imaginary boundaries on what we feel can accomplish when in actuality the walls only exist if we build them.

No one is telling you to stay in the hood your whole life but somehow people convince themselves that the world ends an inch from the end of their block. Death is redistribution. If that part of your brain dies the negative energy will be recycled into strength. This callousness would not need to exist if the world was all rosy but it aint. God told me what I was signing up for before he sent me here. So as you stroll through this proving ground called life the only fear you should have is letting your emotion determine the way you live your life. Cold hearted with a kind spirit. The crown aint for everybody; God forgive me if I’m wrong; the amygdala strikes again.

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