The Burden of Baggage

Men often don’t like to admit that bad relationships mess us up just as bad as it does females. Our bravado and ego makes us mask our emotions in the worst way. Contrary to popular belief many men are capable of giving love and being the man of any woman’s dream. Deep down we want to have families and be leaders in our households but we are denied this opportunity from the people we are suppose to be taking care of. Many women do not realize the stresses that average brother encounters on a daily basis. They don’t realize that the deck is stacked and the dice are loaded in almost every area of our lives. We have to fight to get footing economically, we are the butt of jokes constantly socially and our worth and masculinity is attacked spiritually and emotionally.

Imagine having to fight the world day in and day out and only experiencing virtually none if any pyhric victories on the world stage. We are seen as every negative stereotype you can possibly think of and apparently our women believe them wholeheartedly. We are responsible for almost every great feat imaginable but we are considered the bastards of the party. I will be the first to admit that many man have no interest in being a man. Many want to be pieces of a man but not a whole one. You see a man’s nature is very complex and detailed. It requires constant work daily to evolve and many men are stuck in a comfort zone. Many men don’t want to grow up and they take too much pride in being a hood nigga.

From early on many brothas experience emotional pain that scars their interactions exponentially. They believe expressing emotion is a sign of weakness in the troubled environments they come of age in. Often time this logic is spewed to them by broken people. People that never amounted to much in life will always try to break the spirit of those just starting on their journey. The young are always impressionable and tend to be influenced by their dumbass peers. These children get their ideas of how to conduct themselves in relationships from people their age that haven’t lived long enough.

Fast forward 10 years and you have grown emotionally unavailable men that have no idea how to deal with their emotions. Anger is often building frustration in a man that has been denied the right to express his masculinity constructively. Add to the fact that most men only know how to deal with their emotions physically and you have a recipe for disaster. It’s hard for most men to acknowledge their softer side because it is in direct conflict with their ego. However they fail to realize that developing their emotional side will provide the balance they have been searching for.
Samurais knew this thousands of years ago and were fierce warriors because they were in tune to all aspects of their spirit.

Kings, baggage is unnecessary weight that we push around from one experience to the next. She fucked you over? Take time to yourself and acknowledge the experience. I’m talking about the good and the bad. Acknowledge that the bad things happen and your role in events. Take the positive and build momentum from that experience and transcend the lower emotions of your being such as revenge and violence. Life is too short to be carrying around invisible weight that’s holding you back. No one has time to figure out how stable you are emotionally. So you should take the time out for yourself to make sure you are. Females will always be there but your sanity won’t be if keep denying your issues.

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