Cadillacs & Bounceback

Where did all the Caddy’s go? I remember not too long ago I couldn’t go a block or two without seeing vogues and chrome wheels. Nowadays I’d be lucky if I see 1 or two week; thats how I know we are still in a depression. Some use other indicators to gauge the state of things but that’s my personal metric.

 Around my way that use to be how you measured how successful you were; maybe the way I’m looking at things is wrong. Or maybe I’m right; all I see on the roads are cheap import brands like Kia, Hyundai and Toyotas. Traditionally when the economy is thriving people show their status by what they drive more than where they live. Ass backwards I know, but thats the way things have been as long as I can remember. 

A car has always been a luxury not a necessity because there has always been some form of public transportation throughout modern history. People used to use their cars as an extension of self expression and individuality. When you use to see a clean ass caddy you knew that person was ballin and was having things their way. Life was great, crab legs were crackin, weed bonfires use to break out spontaneously and everyone was generally not as stressed as they are now. I will know the economy has fully recovered when I see more big bodies on the road. Til then keep believing analysts and economists saying things are getting better when they clearly aren’t. Stay Regal.

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