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Pop Blockin

Tweet My wife told me about this bullsh*t the other day and I couldn’t help but laugh at it. Her female coworkers were talking about how before they go on dates with dudes they break out the toys and murder their cooch before they go out. They do it so they don’t have sex with […]

Identity Crisis

Tweet Whether women want to admit or not their identity is tied into their manes.  As shallow and as sad as it is it’s true. Many of them hate what God has chosen to give them this go round.  They claim they are God loving people but despise his craftsmanship. They look in the mirror […]

Exhibit Pullin’

Tweet   I came across this gem while acting like a tourist the other day.  I been living round here damn near my whole life and only museums I been to are the air and space and african art ones. My wife and I decided to step out of our comfort zone and go to […]


Tweet “I don’t f**k around with b***hes that be f**kin round with naggas that be talkin down on naggas” -Kirko Bangz A woman is a conduit in the highest sense for better or worse. She is the passageway in which life manifests on this plane of existence. She also however is a reflection of the […]


Tweet I am an a**hole sometimes. Sometimes my tunnel vision about this kingdom consumes my entire being. I am irritable and just an overall pain to be around sometimes. Unfortunately my wife bears the brunt of it and somehow she still loves me. I don’t mean to be that way towards her but this road […]

Like A Benz

Tweet “A black man that takes care of his responsibilities is like a Benz to these broads…” King’s Proverb I was rappin with a friend that’s still knockin women down round town and he blessed me with this gem. It says so much while sayin so little at the same time. Any man that takes […]


Tweet Bottom B***h Maneuver- Origin; Africanus Americana 1. Action displayed by your main squeeze to remind you why she is “that” b****h. Example: Flirting with some lame to enrich your kingdom by getting things for free, discounts or getting more than what you paid for. From time to time your firefly reminds you why you […]

Random Observation: Success Sharers

Tweet Observation: Women would rather share a successful man with another woman than have a nobody that’s all theirs. As an outsider most people can’t comprehend the mechanics of success. More importantly they question why women that would not put up with the average joe’s s**t line up to dogged out by someone of status. […]

Follow Suit

Tweet The path you walk as a man will rub off on your woman for better or worse. By you bettering yourself and stepping you life up it will inspire her to put forth her best effort in the relationship and her overall life. I have witnessed many women go on a downward spiral after […]

The Little Things

Tweet Word to the wise for those kings in relationships. The single most important thing to ensuring that your woman is happy the small things. By surprising her with the little things that you know she likes you make her love you that much more. It shows her that you are listening to her and […]

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