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Tweet Just When I thought all that I was doing on here was being done in vain the universe showed me otherwise. I was bored the other day and googled my website and came across this facebook page from Queensland way out in Australia. It’s for a clothing line called Men To Kings. Coincidental or […]

Aura Shift

Tweet   Whether we like or not life changes us; some for the better some for the worse. We all start out on our paths programmed by our circumstances and environments. Some of us had a crappy start whereas others have had the world given to them. I use to be envious of the latter […]

La Marina

Tweet     Floating with the ups and downs of life we often wonder when we are going to leave the dock and set sail on the journey of a lifetime. Everyone’s boat is a different size and unique to that person. The boat’s size doesn’t  matter in the overall quest just the determination of […]


Tweet I don’t own this body I’m just leasing it from God I’m not really in control don’t believe the facade From the oxygen to my organs trapped beneath layers of collagen It’s either do his work or spend your life picking through the bargain bin Got my creativity on layaway If it put in […]


Tweet Snakes have been for an eternity the figurative symbol for humanity’s reptilian tendencies. No other creature is more despised than this slithering, silent, leathery lizard without legs. The irony of this modern interpretation of this creature is the polar opposite of the civilizations that came before us. In societies of old the snake was […]


Tweet   This is the game of life in a nutshell. When you begin your road to the throne it will look similar in many respects. You will know what goal you want to accomplish but you won’t have the foggiest idea on how to even proceed. You will have no pieces on the board […]


Tweet   If you ever needed further proof that human beings are just intelligent animals here it is. I was doing the family thing the other day on the mall and it dawned on me. When winter breaks and the rainy season begins most animals migrate to an overflowing river bed for sustenance. The water […]

Welcome To The Real World

Tweet   As I stand here before you I see the future of this country. I see people from all walks of life with many different backgrounds. You all have many different visions of what you plan on doing after you leave here. Some of you have overcame tremendous odds to walk this stage before […]

The Day

Tweet Making my rounds in the wilderness and I caught a glimpse of humanity in the heart of the jungle. I often wonder why people do the things they do often to no avail; but on this mundane day it was made clear.  A day is a series of consecutive hours that give order in […]

Lame Retardant

Tweet   ” You know how nagas be, when they aint workin they smoke reggie. As soon as they get a job all they get is pak.” -Random hood naga  I was at the barbershop gettin the hustle bush decapitated and another barber was talkin to his homie shootin the s**t. It’s funny to me […]

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