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Tweet Today I begin my quest to become a barbarian. This bar is going to turn me into Mandingo Warrior in no time. I can only get a couple out without stopping. My goal is to be able to do 20 by summertime. I am going to be on this sexy b***h every other day […]


Tweet On the road to diesel n***a status I have came up with a way to eat what I want and develop will power at the same damn time. Most diets are too restrictive and that is why the fail. They wear you down and don’t build any willpower which is a necessary component in […]

Thrift Store Sorcery

Tweet Came up on this in the thrift store. It’s the eliptical machine’s ancient ancestor.

Excuse Remover: You Are Your Own Gym

Tweet You now have no excuse to get your ass in shape. As chairman of the f**k a gym movement I endorse this book wholeheartedly. Whats even better is that no weights are required. The author was a navy seal and trained government killas on the regular. Home skillet does his pullups on a door […]


Tweet To the simpleton an empty parking lot is just that, an empty parking lot. But to the gladiator it is a proving ground that separates the champions from the amateurs. This is a cardio routine I came up with to do in between the Gladiator’s routine. I am going to perform this routine twice […]

Power Protein Shake

Tweet In my quest for dieselness I have came up with a protein shake that will help with your daily protein needs. In case your didn’t know you should take in about half your bodyweight in protein. Protein shakes taste like shit; if they tasted any other way they are loaded with sugar and other […]

Gladiator’s Routine #1

Tweet This is a strength workout I came up with that uses bodyweight only. A few quick notes to perform it properly. The pectoral muscles in the chest are designed to bring your arms to the center of your body. When you do the pushups try to bring your arms to the center of your […]

Worth The Weight

Tweet I fell off like crazy on my workout routine but it’s time to get back in gear. I often come up with random ass theories and things to test out so this falls right in line. I am not going to count calories during my program I am simply going to put my food […]

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