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Cadillacs & Bounceback

Tweet Where did all the Caddy’s go? I remember not too long ago I couldn’t go a block or two without seeing vogues and chrome wheels. Nowadays I’d be lucky if I see 1 or two week; thats how I know we are still in a depression. Some use other indicators to gauge the state […]

Stress Test

Tweet The road to redemption is full of barbwire, shrapnel, c4 particles, dried gasoline and match heads. It doesn’t help you cause friction with your steel toe boots and don’t plan on stopping no time. Everything you have to endure on this path your significant other must brunt as well. Exhaustion, short words and shitty […]

Elevator Speech

Tweet On this road to the throne opportunities don’t come too often in the beginning when your name isn’t ringing bells. You believe in yourself but the rest of the world doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your ambition and vision. As a result, a lot of times you aren’t prepared for chance encounters. If […]

Jaw Jackin 101

Tweet This came across my timeline the other day and I let out a healthy laugh? Wtf is a thought leader? The capacity at which humans can make useless titles up is a mind boggling thing. I guess it’s a fancy way of saying I am a cultured bullsh**er and you must address me as […]

Kush Conspiracy

Tweet   I could be completely off base with this one but there are no such things as coincidences. I was rambling on twitter earlier today about this theory I have. For some reason I think that the American government is involved in the drug trade in Afghanistan. I came to this conclusion by paying […]

Guilt Hustlin’

Tweet Out and about minding my business and I saw this at Fat Ronald’s. It wouldn’t bother me if this was on a bench or bus shelter but for some reason the placement of it just don’t seem right. It is strategically placed before the first window so they make sure you see it. Instead […]

Middleman Mystique

Tweet   “I don’t care if I’m getting it like Pablo Escobar, I’m still gonna tell you to holla at my man.” -King B One of the homies reminded me over the weekend about the middleman mystique. Many people dread the middleman because it normally means extra money coming out of there pocket for what […]


Tweet A blender is a person who has no business in your presence.  They are good at appearing to be equally yoked with you. Once you scratch beneath the surface you  find out they are a b**ch in kings attire. They have the look down pat from the walk to the talk but you just […]


Tweet   Don’t wanna get dicked when you go to the used car  lot? Well here are few things I learned along the way. If you wanna stunt and or get the hood classic ie. Impala, Crown Vic this aint for you.  I am just gonna break down a few things to look for in making a decision when […]

Passport Prosperity

Tweet  This young Pakistani dude put me on game inadvertantly the other day. He sparked up a conversation with me about one of my rings.He said he liked it and asked me about it. He then proceeded to tell me how alot of people from the subcontinent such as India and Pakistan are coming up […]

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