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Alkaline Foods

Tweet On my journey for a healthier lifestyle I come across information that is new to me all the time. This happens to be one of things that changed my outlook on alot of things. All foods fall into two categories acidic and alkaline. Alkaline foods are the most beneficial to your being as a […]

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Tweet Deep documentary that proves diabetes can be cured by switching your diet to a more holistic one.

Food Matters

Tweet Deep Documentary about what we consume and do to our bodies. Enjoy.

Cancer Safety Net

Tweet Cancer is a disease that drains a patient and their families in many ways. Many of the expenses related to the disease occur after the operations have been done. Statistics show that up to 70% of the expenses related to the disease aren’t medical in nature. The expenses come from living life such as […]

Eat To Live or Eat To Die Part 2


Eat to Live or Eat to Die Part 1

Tweet Dr. Sebi breaking it down

5 Ways To Kick Addiction’s Ass

Tweet Many people would like to act as if addiction did not exist. They go about living their lives completely oblivious to how their addiction to certain things affects their overall well being. There are many forms of addiction such as drugs, alcohol, sex, work, exercise, social networking and flat out attention whoring. It often […]

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