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Daddy Hack

Tweet Learning how to be a father has been a process that has made me a better person overall. However many brothas didn’t have their fathers around and have no clue on how to rear a child. As a result they don’t know how to express their love or what things their child will respond […]

Brewster Boy: The Hustler

Tweet   “If I own it I’ll sell it” -Sweet Daddy Enter the hustler’s hustler. This is my gangsta a** grand daddy. He shared the same name as my biological great grandfather. Everyone called him by another name though; he was known as Sweet Daddy. The first pistol I ever shot belonged to him. He […]

Brewster Boy : The Alchemist

Tweet   “The older you get the smarter I get.” -Possum In the last post I reflected on my biological great grandfather however this the only great grandfather I ever knew. His father was the white man in the first post of the series. He is the brother that took care of the kids while […]

Brewster Boy: The Player

Tweet   Continuing in the reflection of the men that came before me, I present my biological Great Grandfather. He is my great-great uncle’s nephew from Genesis Americana. He like many other black children of white men worked for their fathers in a servant capacity. He worked as driver. He was his father’s driver and […]

Brewster Boy: Genesis Americana

Tweet   As the adage goes A man can’t know where he is going unless he knows where he is coming from. Well, this is the story of me for better or worse. The blood of the father is the blood that courses through a child’s veins. That is how paternity tests establish if someone […]

Foundation: The Kybalion

Tweet   Every king needs a solid foundation in lessons of the unseen . For it is the unseen that dictates the physical world in every sense of the word, Legend has it that this book present itself to you when you are ready for it. In some of my podcasts you hear me say […]


Tweet   “Friends are overrated, the further you walk down this road you will see where I’m comin from” King’s Proverb I was picking the brain of someone that has walked the road I’m on and they told me this with all sincerity. I was explaining to him that the more I pursue my passions […]

Reign In Paradise

Tweet The world lost a tremendous spirit yesterday. He represented so many things to so many people. The pages of history will have his name in them. Can you imagine being in bondage for 27 years and still keeping your dignity amongst it all? There will never be another. All hail King Mandiba. I am […]

The Spook Who Sat By The Door

Tweet Deep film that was forced underground because of the messages in it. Shout to Flex for bringing this to the attention of the masses. Enjoy!

Self Checkout Subliminals

Tweet Many times in life people won’t directly come out and say how they feel about you. They will find other subtle ways to show their disdain for you. Critical observation goes a long way in this area of life. One such subtle mind f**k is the self checkout located in drug and grocery stores. […]

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