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Poison Posse

Tweet Gather round folks come on down; meet the rootinest tootinest poison posse in town. Here we are; weeks from deciding who is going to be the next “leader” of the free world yet I somehow can’t pick the poison I’m most comfortable with. On one hand you have a candidate that has no prior […]

Vex Ed.

Tweet I was dropping clothes off at the cleaners the other day and I learned something new. I ended up talking to this minister and he told me something that f***ed my day up. Apparently in states that have legalized same sex marriage they have began to initiate curriculum in elementary school that teaches children […]


Tweet Meet the latest world leader the west has Deeboed. The supreme leader of Iran folded under the pressure and let the west come into their country and inspect their nuclear weapons program. I was layin in bed this morning and was watchin one of them Sunday morning politics shows and this was agreement made […]

Cold Blooded

Tweet F**k you and job security nagga is the message WMATA is sending to its employees. Many long time employees are facing unemployment because of a new mandate issued by Metro. It states that employees with any type of drug conviction no matter how old it is will be subject to termination. That’s cold blooded […]

Diabolical Scheme

Tweet Fact: Underneath Washington DC lie a labyrinth of tunnels to move the president and other important personnel around in the event of an emergency. The past couple of times I went out of town I flew out on the red eye at like 5 in the morning. As a result I had to be […]

$45.00 Warrant

Tweet People involved in the justice system often wonder why it gets a bad rap from the general populace. They have the nerve to say it is about justice when in most cases it clearly is not. More often than not it is about the bottom line like all businesses. This particular nugget not only […]

Pink Apocalypse

Tweet Every once in awhile you can gauge a persons thought pattern by the look on their face. Sometimes you can gauge disgust, confusion and my most cherished emotion, bewilderment. I went downstairs to get breakfast at this hotel we were staying at and it was a very serene morning. When I had fixed my […]

Milk Chocolate City

Tweet Every once in a blue I hop in the ride and breeze through my old haunts and reminisce about the reckless days of my life and how I overcame them. On days that I do this I am slowly noticing something; the city is changing. I hardly recognize certain parts of the city anymore. […]

Bootleg Soliloquy

Tweet Where have all the bootleg DVD dudes gone? There use to be an abundance of them around the way now it’s a bootleg wasteland. A day wouldn’t go by without some random dude with a backpack asking me if I wanted some movies or cds. They use to have all types of deals; buy […]

Trayvon: A Year Later

Tweet A calendar has passed and aint s**t changed in America the terrible. In 2012 there was a total of 16 mass shootings in this country. Civil freedoms and individual rights were continuously chipped away by elected and appointed slime balls with clean shaves. Sports and reality shows still diverted people from altering their living […]

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