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Tweet   Catch-22: a paradoxical situation an individual can not escape due to contradictory rules. I would hate to be him right about now. He is trapped in a classic catch-22. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Like clockwork the word snitch is getting thrown around because he is seeking a resolution the […]


Tweet   Whoever handles your demographics needs to be shot. I have a startling piece of information for the  big wigs in your organization; people in the hood have emails. That’s right, not only that they sign up for your special offers and try to redeem them at their local franchise only to be told […]

The Spread

Tweet You can’t tell me professional sports aint rigged anymore. I refuse to believe that myth. Look at the farce that just occurred last Sunday. Denver who balled hard all year all of a sudden chokes and doesn’t put any numbers on the board until the second half. Really? Bionic Manning who been doggin and […]

Burial: Thot

Tweet Excuse my walker and dentures but what the f**k is a thot? When did acronyms become slang? Who came up with this and decided to unleash it on the masses? Slang evolves over time I get it, but nagas just creating ish to be different and it don’t even sound all that cool. You […]

A Bazooka My Naga??

Tweet   Damn My Naga that’s how you feel?   I guess so. I appreciate your impressive artillery but you just makingurself hot. As the adage goes real nagas move in silence. This picture isn’t silent at all. I know you feeling like that naga that’s why u posted it but you just drawing unwanted […]

Rant Life: Tastemaker

Tweet As the picture indicates I am quite perplexed. What the f**k is a tastemaker? What makes them so much more important than all other marketers? I’ll wait……………………. Does anyone know? I thought the definition to this bulls**t wouldn’t have made it into the dictionary. Sadly I was mistaken; it made it in last year. […]


Tweet Really tho?? When did grocery stores stop giving out plastic bags? I could have swore I got some from this same store last week. They don’t even give you the option to chose. They just look at you that’s all you king handle that. I look at all registers and none of them had […]

Only In The Hood

Tweet Only in the hood will you see liquor store coupons on the back of grocery store receipts. Can’t blame the liquor store because it is a recession after all.

Random Human Babble

Tweet I heard this one at the penitentiary(workplace) the other day and it made me stop in my tracks. Inmates were gathered around in random conversation talkin about things that don’t concern me and then she dropped it on the masses. This one lady said that the chicken at Chik-Fil-a tasted better because the owner […]

Hurricane Simulator

Tweet I’m sure the survivors of Katrina and Sandy would be thrilled to know that some one had the balls to invent this. Who the fuck would want to simulate that. WTF?

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