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Many times in life people won’t directly come out and say how they feel about you. They will find other subtle ways to show their disdain for you. Critical observation goes a long way in this area of life. One such subtle mind f**k is the self checkout located in drug and grocery stores. It is not the self -checkout itself but the placement or lack thereof that I am slowly noticing. When I am out and about in well to do areas I notice that the self-checkouts are abundant in dominant chain stores. There never is really a line in these places and you normally are in and out. But when I am and out and about in the bars over the window side of town self-checkouts are non existent and you normally have to wait damn near 20 minutes to pay for your items. It has nothing to do with the age of the store either. Some of the older stores in the well to do areas have removed check out lines to make way for these machines. So I guess retail theft only occurs in poor areas huh? Black and Hispanic people are the only ones that steal huh? You already know the answer to that. It’s bulshevic. If minorities were the only ones to steal, stores in West bubblef**k that are all lilly wouldn’t have loss prevention officers. America is supposed to be the land of opportunity and one big ass melting pot; yet it is still very segregated not only culturally but mentally. Corporations subtly reinforce the stereotypes broadcasted on a daily basis in their business practices. The quality of service you receive sadly depends on the area you are in. Who cares if you are living in the hood? What happened to having pride? The hood would change overnight if people would start taking pride in what is offered in their neighborhoods and not accepting subtle shit like no self-checkouts. Making a big deal about nothing? Not really. Like everything else it goes back to the preconceived notions. Some might argue that no self checkouts actually are good for the community because its giving people jobs. But that logic in and of itself is a steaming sack of angus waste. There is the same amount of people work at stores that do and don’t have it. One thing I do know about business is that convenience keeps people coming back to the store and it affects the bottom line financially. Stores that aren’t convenient and don’t cater to the customer or demographic won’t be around long. Yet people in the hood accept being under serviced, long lines and shitty customer service because “ that’s the way it is.” Instead of accepting it you should demand more from the people you give your money to. They should have to work as hard as you do for it. If people show them that they aint gonna just accept it watch things change overnight. On top of that the same products aren’t even offered at the same store on different sides of town. What logic is that? People that might want a product might not have the means to make it to the other side of town ie the bus don’t run over there. So in actuality corporations are actually losing potential revenue because of their bigotry. If you haven’t guessed it yet the moral of the story is to start caring about your neighborhood. If you do other people will start to care about it more too. Stay regal.

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