The Cigarette Test

On the streets you have to be a scholar of human nature in order to survive as well as predict the future for safety concerns. One of my favorite tests when I use to smoke and when I was out there was the cigarette test. In order to gauge a persons intentions and their nature I would ask them for a cigarette. You can learn alot from a cigarette.

For instance if someone gives you their last cigarette or lets you deuce it with them means this is a caring good hearted person. You can trust them in a life or death situation. It take a certain amount of selflessness for someone to give you their last of anything especially somethin like a jack. If someone is willing to deuce you on a jack but not give you their last one it shows a certain level of compromise on their part but they are still concerned about their self interest. In a life or death situation this is a 50/50 person. They may or may not look out for you when shit hits the fan.

And then you have the “this is my last one or I got this from my man” smokers. These people are only concerned about themselves and extremely selfish. They only care about taking advantage of you. These type of people remain friends with you because of what you can do for them or what services you can provide. As soon as trouble starts to appear these are the folks that will dip out on you and act like they never knew you. They will lie, cheat and steal to save their own hide. They never hold themselves accountable for their actions and will tell on you in a second.

The first time I noticed this phenomenon it was kind of like a revelation. I was going to chill with one of my homies and he was chillin wit some new ppl I aint never seen before. I was dappin everybody up and seen this dude pull out his pack and grab a cig. I paid it no mind. About 10 or so minutes past and I asked the dude for a cig and he said I aint got one. Now mind you he didn’t think I remembered seeing him pull the pack out so I said cool no worries.

After we had finished blazin I seen ole boy pull a cig out and he seen me lookin at him he realized he was caught but I didn’t say anything. I pretended like I didn’t even see it. After dude left I asked my man what was up with dude and he didn’t know what I was talkin bout. I told him his man was actin funny style bout his jacks and my man laughed at me. He said I was trippin and told me I think too deep bout everything. I told my man you need to watch dude cause if he was on some shady ish bout a jack who knows what other type of foul ish dude is on. Low and behold about three weeks later my man hit me and told me something that blew my mind.

He said he found out through the grapevine that the dude snitched on his homeboys to get out of a misdemeanor drug beef. He laughed and told me I was right bout dude. Now mind you if my boy continued to hang with dude somebody would seen bout dude and my boy could’ve get harmed in the process over something he had nothing to do with. It’s funny how you learn major life lessons from insignificant unconnected things and experiences. If you smoke and you out there I strongly recommend adding the cigarette test to your arsenal. It can save you time and energy in trying to figure out people and their angles.

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