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“Same nagas sayin time to get this money them been the same nagas sayin that for years still hungry.”

Troy Ave

Don’t be one of those guys this go round. F**k a resolution; vow to make bread solutions. Every year round this time everybody is all optimistic and doe eyed about the possibilities of the calendar ahead of them. Dead that rhetoric ASAP. Experience has shown me do it then talk about it in retrospect. So many unmotivated, undisciplined people all of sudden think that because the year has changed they are miraculously absolved of those deadly character traits. Gym owners are in Vegas at the roulette tables with last quarters profits knowing they bout to get it right back . Even their women are at the plastic surgeons getting new faces and a**es off of the empty promises of the populace. According to numerology this year is a spiritual year. 2+0+1+4=7. Some of the adjectives used to describe it are spiritual, intelligent, analytical, focused, introspective, studious, intuitive, knowledgeable, contemplative, serious and persevering just to name a few. In other words if you are looking to raise your vibration your dedication will be rewarded this calendar. On the flip side words like distant, sarcastic, socially awkward, melancholic and cowardly describe it as well. It is also know as the energy of the mystics in esoteric circles. Now with all the spooky ish out the way it is also a year that progress will be made but only through sacrifices. They can be either spiritual or physical in nature.

Taking all this into consideration you can’t help but wonder how is it different from any other year? It aint; plain and simple.  The hustle gods on Mount Monetarius show favor no matter what the date on a  man made sun cycle says. In their heart of hearts any man with regalia in his blood knows this. Unfortunately he is subject to human insecurities and thought  processes which thwart the God in his nature. The future is a possibility but the present is a definite. I might not make it to the end of the year but I can hustle my a**off now to make sure my family straight if I clock out. There is no sense in worrying about the future if you aren’t doing the work to make sure it is prosperous. It aint no sense in yelling this is my year at midnight but still indulging in the same drug habit that robbed you of your bread last year. Cut the s**t kings if you aint about it this year will make it glaringly obvious to you as its written in the stars. If you don’t make s**t happen this year go ahead and dedicate you life to being a nobody with no bread and a ugly naggin a** broad to rob you of whatever dignity you have left. Too harsh?? Then do something about it pussy. Children and women need to be coddled not grown a** men. F**k all that alpha beta bulls**t they sell to people that need to feel better about their shortcomings. Let em hang mayne; no nuts no glory. At the close of business 2014 you better have kicked it’s a**. Gladiator out.


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  • Right here, right now, I will begin to feed my mind ONLY with good thoughts.
    I won’t waste my mind’s time on idle thoughts.
    I will let only good thoughts in my mind because then only good things will I do.
    I will let only good words come out of my mouth because what I say is what I get.
    I CAN decide what I want.
    I WILL decide what I want.
    I will GET what I want.
    Thank you God-In-Me!

  • Miles

    Had to swing by your neck of the woods, king. You’ve kept it funky from day one and continue to do so in the new year. ‘Hustle Gods of Mount Monetarius’ is so fresh I gotta ask if I can bite it for my own personal enjoyment. LOL Straight up though, if your new year’s resolution is to simply be better this year then you were last you’ll start to hone in on exactly what caused last year to not be so great and eliminate that aspect from your life. Whether it be habits people or poor plan:action ratio.

    Prosperity and profits, all.

    • King Jae

      Hey man I appreciate the continued support king. Yea by all means take the hustle gods and run with it hope they bless you in your endeavors. You showin your age tho king you must be from my era cause you asked to use it. 90 babies dont have the same manners lol. I hope you are successful in whatever you decide to undertake this year just grind it out and grit your teeth man. Royalty is your veins time to show the world. Peace and blessings to you.

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