Cold Blooded

F**k you and job security nagga is the message WMATA is sending to its employees. Many long time employees are facing unemployment because of a new mandate issued by Metro. It states that employees with any type of drug conviction no matter how old it is will be subject to termination. That’s cold blooded as hell if you ask me. Some people been working there 20 years and bout to damn near retire and get fired. That’s crazy if you ask me. Not to long ago they had a program that worked with people who had felonies on their record. If a certain amount of time had passed from when they committed the crimes they were good. To many people around here a job with Metro is basically like a federal government job in terms of being the holy grail. Stability, good pay and benefits is all some people live for and you can’t blame them really. To me though I see this as piece of the puzzle that was bound to happen eventually.

The Washington metropolitan area is undergoing a revitalization of sorts; gentrification to be exact. If this goes through it creates all types of openings for the areas new “residents” if you catch my drift. These “residents” are now being spotted in the roughest areas of the city. They are trying to push all the blacks into PG county and have the city for themselves. Metro is a huge power broker in this area as far as workforce is concerned. You free up these powerful positions and you change the political structure of the organization and I think that is what this is about. I am pretty sure that the black Mayor will be a thing of the past in the coming years. Most people can’t see that the power bases are becoming less and less brown. I think this has already started inside Wmata because this clearly was devised with the intention to inject new people into its corporate structure. Just another sign that things are changing around here. Another victory for the War On Drugs. I hate to say it but Nixon and them were brilliant with devising that plan. They are still demonizing people that have changed their lives for the better and are productive citizens in society. There are no clean breaks. Just another example of why the kingdom is a necessity. If the union doesn’t get on this the soup kitchen will get a little longer. The job market is cutthroat around here and this will just create more competition. Keep pushing king so you don’t have to be subject to this kind of bullsh*t. Stay Regal.

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