“I don’t f**k around with b***hes that be f**kin round with naggas that be talkin down on naggas”
-Kirko Bangz

A woman is a conduit in the highest sense for better or worse. She is the passageway in which life manifests on this plane of existence. She also however is a reflection of the men that she has had in her life as well. That is why I don’t understand why dudes be so pressed to smash someone else’s woman. The majority of dudes out here don’t have together and are bums that sit round and play games all day. Whatever women they deal with are goin to have the same aint bout s**t energy. What guidance and game can these dudes give these women possibly?  If she deals with broke nothin a** naggas for the majority of her life what does that make her? You already know the answer. When you take it upon yourself to pipe this woman, your energy will be compromised and degraded. That’s nothin ass naggas seed and saliva has intermingled with this woman’s blood so it is inevitable that his energy is in that woman as long as he deals with her. His energy will then be passed along to you through the conduit which is the woman. So every time you have sexual contact with this woman not only are you dealin with her you he is stealing your energy from you.

The Dogon Tribe in Africa that is famous for mapping out the cosmos milleniums before modern astrologers had an even harsher assessment of the situation that may come across as ignorant. They believed that if a man had sex with another mans wife the children of that man would be born homosexual. It may sound far fetched but once you understand how energy is transferred you would understand how they arrived at the conclusion. Every time you have sex with that woman you are having sex with that man. That is why when I was single I would never smash another dude’s woman. Not because of morality; if she out of pocket, she out of pocket.  It was because I would be going behind another man and that just always seemed suspect to me. Plus the fact that it is too many single women out there for me to be smashin some lames main squeeze. I ain’t sayin don’t do you out there;I just want you to grasp energy transference. As a king the energy you possess has far more value than you could ever think it would.

You don’t need to taint and pollute your Godlike essence with that of a man that is inferior to you both in spirit and aspiration. Yet that is what you do when go swimming in another man’s pool. His misery filled life and they way he programmed that woman will inevitably degrade your kingdom in some way shape or form. You must rise above your carnal urges. Just because you can do something it doesn’t mean you always should. If she tossin it to you how many other dudes she tossin it to? So in essence all the energies involved are being degraded and dudes you don’t even know are in your blood stream the longer you live life like that. If you playing the game play it right. You are worth more than that loose woman. Value yourself and your kingdom. Many wars have been waged over women, The men waging them are trying to get the energy they put into that woman back; the majority of time the woman is symbolic. Energy is power. Stay Regal.

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  • Miles

    Damn fine assessment, king. If a man will go behind your back for your woman, imagine what he’d do for your paper?

    • King Jae

      God knows what. Dudes need to see all sides of the game and really understand metaphysics. Their lives would change overnight

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