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I came across this on a messageboard. Interesting to say the least. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. I don’t put anything past those pesky reptiles. Decide for yourself.

“Crisis actors” are professional actors ostensibly deployed by government agencies and/or the mainstream media to delude the public with portrayals of trauma and suffering: specifically, to act as victims or witnesses in staged school shootings or hoax (false flag) attacks. Perception Managers (PM’s) have crisis actors on speed-dial.

A Perception Manager operates on an higher-level than a professional fixer.

This occupation is so rare that only two PM’s exist in the world. They don’t advertise and real PM’s can’t be found in search engines.

They can bury any secret, despite the attempts of the press to ferret it out. They can allegedly enhance wars based on “certain” truths. And when people start poking around, their work is hidden and insulated under layers of facts, figures and falsehoods that no one could ever reach them. Their work is basically untraceable, protected by electronic tunnels.

PM firms are paid enormous amounts of money by celebrities, politicians, tech billionaires and corporate raiders.

PM operatives operate out of digitized war rooms with hundreds of computers, enormous databases and an Internet pipeline that rivals anything in Google.

A Crisis Management TV series was pitched to several networks, each network passed on it because they didn’t want the (general public) to be made aware of this shadowy industry

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  • Miles

    The show Scandal revolves around a crisis management firm. It’s heavily watered down but nevertheless you see the direct relationship between perception management and the general population.

    • kingj

      I never even watch that show especially since they got ole gurl down bad like that. That is how they do it though. They tell what they are doing thru entertainment so when people finally catch the initial sting and outrage is remove from it

  • What you see and hear around you now is being manipulated in some form or another. I have heard that those types of people do exist and they are hired by the gov to push their agenda whether it be to enact a new law or to start wars in other parts of the world.
    They manipulate the news and newspapers even paying journalists to make up stories and say that they are real!
    This field has been around for years and now its when it is coming into the light.
    Great Post! King Up

    • kingj

      That’s the way it is though. It’s the same thing with the military and their weapons. By the time the public has caught onto their arsenal its already obsolete and they are working on something else

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