Cool By Association(C.B.A)


In the process of building bridges with kings from other domains you will encounter paupers inevitably. People that have rubbed you the wrong way and you have written off in your books try to find a way to associate themselves with you. A lot of times it is a mutual clown that the both of you pity. The lame knows he aint your cup of tea so he tries to buddy up with the other dignitary and uses that to say he is cool with you. Yet he is oblivious to the fact that the other king has more respect for you than him.

Kings look out for each other behind the scenes out of mutual respect for one another and the clown wonders why he’s not included. The fool then starts to lash out like a 5 year old and starts throwing little subliminal disses into the ether to try an illicit some your valuable focus and precious time. They fail to realize that they are merely a guppy in a shark’s tank living on borrowed time. You have bigger fish to fry and they aint worth the effort.

They think they are playing chess and that they are 5 and 10 steps ahead of you but in actuality they are playing backgammon. They know they can’t build castles like you so they play the town crier because the alligators in your mote are fat from the dead bodies. They will never be able construct castles like you yet theirs will mirror yours in every shape and form.

On the other side of the coin you will have people that didn’t believe in you and your vision. Now that your kingdom has materialized before their eyes you suddenly are brought up in their conversations for no reason other than name dropping. A perfect example is someone asking said individual where they went to school and they say yea I went to such and such when insert name was there.

Laugh accordingly when this gets back to you; they have nothing going on in their lives and all their conversations involve when they were around the former you. Just cause you were present when a king was building that doesn’t mean you can associate yourself with him because in all honesty you are a lame. If you had any regal bones in your body you would have been building too.

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