Before any building is constructed a cornerstone is laid as the foundation. It is the single most important stone in the structure because all other stones that are laid after it will be laid in reference to its location. In many cultures in the not so distant past various offerings were made to shroud the building with strength and stability. In Greece for instance they sacrifice a lamb or ram and let the blood flow over the stone. When the animal dies it is laid to rest underneath it. Some times it’s no animal at all. The mason responsible for the building will take an unknowing man to the cornerstone and take his measurements. They could either be of his whole body or his shadow. They would be then buried underneath the cornerstone or the building would be build on the specifications of a man’s shadow. It is believed that the man would die within the year of his shadow being measured. The Golden Bough is the book that this was paraphased from if you want to do further research. Sometimes it would be mundane things like grain or wine placed underneath it. No matter what was sacrificed it was always done to ensure durability and to make the building stand the test of time.

The kingdom is no different than any man made structure. Sacrifice has to be made in order for strength to be gained. What sacrifices are you making for your cornerstone? If you are not sacrificing your own blood, sweat and tears and putting it underneath the cornerstone of your kingdom expect your building to fold during its first hurricane. All great things are born out pain in this dimension. If you notice most new construction  is devoid of soul and lack features that give it character because it is constructed without pain. Most old structures possess that whether it be from the blood of slaves or from the blood of European immigrants that died to construct them. Sacrifice was made and the souls of these dead folks give these otherwise inanimate stones life.  Pain produces beauty; Van Gogh’s canvases make that fact very evident.  A kingdom constructed without pain and sacrifice underneath its cornerstone is no kingdom at all. It is a house of cards in hurricane alley. Stay Regal.

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