Cradle Phobia


You see it, I see it. Everyday people see black babies and act nice and polite to them. No matter the person’s nationality they always say the baby is cute and so on. My question is at what age do they start to hate and despise those babies; call them n***ers and implement systematic racism? At what point do they feel threatened and cross to the other side of the street when they see them coming? They are the same babies that they were all oohin and aahing over a couple years prior. Now all of a sudden when they come of age feelings and looks of disgust are projected on to those same babies. No rational human being sets out to raise their child to become savages yet that is how black children are looked at. A 15 year old boy is considered a man as far as the law is concerned when certain crimes are committed. Yet an 18 year old white child is viewed as a boy not capable of making sound decisions in the same scenario. Most if not all black civilizations throughout human history have done nothing but enlighten humanity. Of course there were wars, disagreements and f**kery but the majority of the civilizations progressed humanity in some way.

Almost all music created in America came from black folks. This is a bonafide fact  that can’t be disputed. If we are so bad and so uncultured why is our culture always subject to routine conquering and pillaging? Savages don’t have any culture to speak of; only a culture of debauchery. Pop culture is stale black culture if you look at it properly. Pop culture uses slang that nagas stop sayin 5 years ago.  If we have nothing to contribute why does the world copy us so much? If something cool pops out of nowhere I can pretty much guarantee it came from a black brain. Even if it wasn’t made by us; it wasn’t sh** until we reinvented it to suit us. Nagas out here wearin Helly Hansen snowsuits and aint seen a summit a day in their life. But the same suit on someone else wouldn’t look nearly as cool or wouldn’t be tweaked with the right shoes or boots.

 I remember watchin one of those swap shows a couple of years back where a white lady was made over to be a black woman. I remember her saying this feeling of warmth swept over body. She was in the mirror with a kool aid smile the size I have never seen before. It was a feeling she never had in her life until that moment. It made me realize that hate for us stems from color envy.Black comes in so many complexions that it can be marginalized. You have seen this in your life; what happens to envy when left alone? It turns into hate. The hate is then passed on for generations and morphs into violent and covert oppression. If black is so bad there wouldn’t be light skinned black folks. Most light skinned people exist because some white man way back when couldn’t keep his hands off of a beautiful African woman. No conjecture just facts. The western world is scared of the potential the black child possesses because their is no match for unbridled creativity. They that and that is why they control the focus points. If your focused on nonsense and not greatness and transcendence you are no threat to them in any way. I believe the fear of the black child starts as soon as they leave the crib. Awaken black children, the heavens are waiting on you to do their bidding.


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