Darth Rogers

To be the perfect man to a woman you have be a cross between Darth Vader and Mr. Rogers. Most women not hoes and gutter chicks say they want a man to treat them nice and spoil them and cater to their needs. What they don’t tell you however is that they secretly want you to be Darth Vader. Sometimes they like when you act like an asshole and call them a bitch because they are acting like one. They like for you to act nonchalant about things they are passionate about. Why you ask? Because it proves you are a balanced person. Many a man have shuffled into the friend zone because they were too nice to tell the woman they are trying to bump uglies.

When you demonstrate the dark side it secretly turns them on because it shows them that you can’t be walked over or controlled by them. They know they are very emotional beings and can be very irrational at times. If you agree to everything they ask you do all the time and don’t raise hell when they try to test you they won’t respect you. No one respects someone they can walk all over. That’s just life in general. Don’t fall for the strong independent woman smoke screen.

All women want a man that can lead even if they pretend like they don’t. You have to know when to apply it though. No need in being Darth when the situation doesn’t call for it. Just like you can’t be Mr. Rogers when she asks you some sideways ass question or speaks to you in a certain tone. This is how many men with very few things going for them make women chase them without even trying. They have mastered their Darth Rogers to the point they don’t even have to know when to apply it. It also throws a woman off because she will never be able to predict your actions or words. Women like excitement by being Darth Rogers you have a certain edge over someone that is predictable and does the same thing over and over. Turn this inch and into a mile and your woman will thank you for it.

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