Day Labor Determination


I recently switched cribs. Everybody I could ask to help had to work because it was during the week so I went down to Home Depot and hollered at the day laborer homies from across the border. We agreed on a price and we was on our way. In between the move and in transit to the new spot I had conversations with them and gained insight into their mind state. One told me he been living up here for four years and doesn’t have any family up here. He doesn’t make enough to send money back for his family. All his money goes to his survival up here. He came up from Mexico for a better life in pursuit of the ever elusive American dream. I ask him bout the drug war and the cartels and he told me that it was out of control because it was too much money involved. I asked him bout the pyramids and he told me they are beautiful. I told him I gotta make it down there to see them one day. Truth be told they helped me move faster than people that get paid to do it. He told me day labor work is like working a drug block. If you don’t run to the car you aint gonna work that day. Some days it’s fast some days it’s slow. Some people are cool some are assholes. Can you imagine making it here from Mexico to escape poverty just to be right back in the struggle? The level of determination to persist through that on a daily basis is mind boggling in this day and age to say the least. These men are mentally tougher than most Americans and that’s why they thrive. They make opportunities out of desperation and an iron clad will to survive. These are the unsung giants right before your eyes. You think they are down on their luck but they are actually smarter than you think. Uncle Sam sees none of their money and they all build together; something foreign to the average self obsessed American. So the next time you see them realize that they gain more ground on a daily basis than some doing a cubicle life sentence with no chance of parole.

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