Death To …….

Going through my closet and I found another reminder of how foolish I was

Death to that idiot, and all my memories of

Death to lookin to other people for validation

Long live the king with no thirst for admiration

Death to the images that shackled me into bondage

Appetite for freedom the only feast for God’s kids

Long live the kingdom yet to be

Death to the cowards in my brain that tried to kill the real me

Happiness has a price but pain will always remain free

Death to the weak hearted after all God is a G

Long live truth, the only voice a king hears

Death to the lies told to my brown ears

Death to the policies that stagnate the will of the strong

Assassinate those who have known the truth but kept quiet for this long

Resurrection awaits the man that dies at the foot of the throne

Because at least he touched it with his own flesh and bone

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