Decorum, Decadence & Decay

History often runs on a ticker tape of the highest order. The same themes and activities often repeat itself in different civilizations across the timeline of existence. Greed, debauchery and bloodlust have all been indicators that a society was on its way out. No matter what empire it was they all reached the same destiny in one way or another. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it appears that we are prancing happily to a date with destruction. The first indicator to me is the overwhelming lack of decorum that has permeated popular culture. 

Songs about eating ass and lack of innuendo in regards to bedroom activities is the first indicator to me. Its one thing to express sexuality its another to verbalize you like someone eating your dookey shoot. I don’t want to hear bout that shit at all. Beastly looking booger wolves talking bout sexual exploits in lines at grocery stores is utterly repugnant. I don’t need that visual to haunt me indefinitely. Things like that tend to haunt you at the wrong time. 

Once upon a time the activities that occurred on a particular mattress were only known by the participants there. Thats where the term lady in the streets, freak in the sheets came from. Nowadays heavily tatted and physical altered women with checkered pasts have became the gold standard. Long gone are the days where women at least pretended to be good girls even if they were otherwise. 

Nowadays the good girls have to act like sluts and be oversexual in appearance in order to gain acceptance and desire from peers of both sexes. Many of them don’t understand the effects of those behaviors will have on their mental health long term. A large portion of women in the lifestyle suffer from mental trauma and undiagnosed disorders but these are the women paraded around as goddesses. A society that only values a woman as an object and not a person is one that has lost its way. 

Yes there have always been prostitutes and women of the night but the lines of work were never glamourized like they are in modern day. Many civilizations in the past honored and respected women as deities and rulers. Africa is chocful of them for instance. I think many people don’t understand that sex is a spiritual experience on many levels. However most people don’t have sex for spiritual reasons; they have it purely for carnal gratification. When you have it from that level you debase it because its responding to your lower vibrations not your higher self. Lack of decorum is not only celebrated its rewarded monetarily and the spoils are plenty. 

Decadence also signals decline in a number of ways. We all work for neccesities because the system we all are subject to forces us to. Extreme materialism is the biggest sign of a civilization on its way out. It fuels wars that in turn destroy other cultures for their resources so a particular way of life can continue in its extravagance. More wars mean more enemies that might be weak today but have the potential to destroy tommorow. It’s like A Bronx tale in that regard. 

Sonny was a powerful gangster that met his fate because he killed a man years prior. His son in turn killed him. All these enemies being made will eventually destroy the west for its transgressions. The top fleecing the bottom is nothing new; what’s new is the pipe dream that everyone can be rich and famous and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. As a result everyone has a false sense of entitlement and reality. 

People walking around with $700 phones and don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Everyone is becoming so self absorbed its sickening. It would be one thing if it led to self actualization but it isn’t. It only fuels the innate narcissisism dormant in every human. In order for societies to progress the collective must be there mentally in order for it to make it happen. 

Technological advances are one thing but often these advances are made simply for profit. They aren’t made to progress humanity. New emojis on your iPhone are solving the worlds ills how exactly?  Uber is making self driving cars to phase out the drivers that made them money in the first place. Self service kiosks eliminate jobs and those jobs would funnel money into the system. Instead the money stays with the business and those kiosks can be written off as a cost of doing business. 

Not only that they make you do the work and take your money. If that ain’t pimpin I don’t know what is. Yet I’m supposed to believe we are headed in the right direction. Lunacy disguised as progress is what we are witnessing.  Dont even get me started on the banking practices of this society. Ain’t got time for it today cuz…..Stay Regal…

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