Destructioneering- the act of intentionally advocating destructive behavior for profit or to destroy a population.

Pictures always outlast speech; images are burned into the subconscious whether we want them to be there or not. The negative in our communities is always exploited for financial gain at the expense of black life. Our warriors are robbed of the God given right to come into their own as a man without outside interference. They are constantly bombarded with images of what a black man should look and act like. If they stray from that image they are viewed as a lame and marginalized by not only their peers but females as well. Their spirit may not be with the image but in order to belong they succumb to these foreign influences. The image of black male masculinity nowadays consists of heavy drug use and a thousand tattoos.

The true nature and complexity of the black man can never be comprehended by outsiders and it secretly infuriates them. They will never possess the strength, creativity or alchemical powers that lay dormant in the abyss of the lion of Judah. As a result they are hell bent on destroying this majestic entity simply because they can’t conquer it. If you can’t conquer something the next best thing is to destroy it. The approach is much more blatant nowadays. The youth always have been and will forever be impressionable to the environment they are surrounded by. A child’s development isn’t complete until it reached the age of 25.
The decision making faculties are still forming during a child’s teenage years. This explains why teenagers make piss poor choices and believe they are invincible.

The black community is in shambles for a myriad of calculated reasons. People outside of it like to point the finger at us but fail to mention that our condition is by design. An engineer designs something with a direct function and purpose in mind. It normally is to solve a problem or to make something function. Destructioneering is a science that has been studied and perfected with one purpose in mind; to destroy the young warriors of our race. The old have already lived their lives. If they were going to do it they would have done it already. The youth however are seeds and seeds sprout regardless of the source of nourishment. All they need is light bit of water and sunlight which is knowledge and guidance. They aren’t these monsters you see on tv; they are someone’s child. The village ain’t raising the babies anymore; its letting the racist media do it. They are profiting from our pain and laughing at us while doing so. Yall keep on sayin woosah and they gonna keep right on destructioneering. Stay Regal.

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