Diabolical Scheme

Fact: Underneath Washington DC lie a labyrinth of tunnels to move the president and other important personnel around in the event of an emergency.

The past couple of times I went out of town I flew out on the red eye at like 5 in the morning. As a result I had to be at the airport when only the workers that cleaned the terminals were there. That was nothing out of the ordinary but, what was unusual was while walking to the terminal I noticed dump truck after dump truck after hauling dirt like nobodies business. Each time it was around 3 in the morning. They are not building any new terminals at Reagan National so why are they hauling dirt at these God awful hours? They are building new underground tunnels for what reason I don’t know. Someone in my family witnessed something similar decades ago on a local base. Come to find out a tunnel was built underneath a particular hangar that links directly to the white house. My guess is they are building something similar that links the white house to other area airports. The pentagon is also right down the street from the airport so I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with some shady ish. The Baltimore Washington Parkway was built to link all military bases in the area on one road, Fort Meade, Bolling and other various facilities can be accessed off of this one road easily. The Suitland Parkway was made as a direct road from the White House to Andrews Joint base. My questions is why no such causeway has been made for the general public in case of the same emergency? By them not doing so it let’s you know exactly how they feel about you and yours; you are EXPENDABLE. Realize this is the reason why you can backstroke on drugs in the hood. They use that money to fund projects like this on top the money already allocated to them yet the country is still in a depression regardless of how many low paying slave wage jobs they create. Rome in action. I seen all type of weird things round these parts; just another on the list Keep them eyes wide.

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